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Betty White Wishes Fans Happy Valentine’s Day with Adorable Pic Cuddling a Piglet

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/WireImage)

Betty White makes everything better, including Valentine’s Day 2021, so it’s no surprise that she’s got the cutest Valentine of the year.

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” the 99-year-old icon tweets. “It’s fun to show appreciation to the ones you love.” This list is, we’re sure, immeasurable for the one and only Betty White. Her immediate appreciation, however, is deeply focused on the most adorable piglet we’ve ever seen. View White’s Valentine for the masses, alongside her precious pal, below.

Longtime followers of the actress won’t be surprised by her choice of Valentine, either. According to The Smithsonian, “White has served as a trustee of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association” for four decades. “She is a devoted advocate of the work that zoos do, educating the public and helping to conserve endangered species in the wild,” the institution continues.

In fact, some of Betty White’s latest books focus entirely on her life and work with zoological organizations. Betty & Friends: My Life at the Zoo “is a polished scrapbook of her favorite animals, with photographs and anecdotes,” notes Smithsonian.

Betty White’s Immense Love of Animals

Speaking to her lifelong kinship with the animal kingdom, Betty White lets Smithsonian in on the side of her Hollywood fans may not be familiar with.

“Oh, it is so embedded in me,” she starts off of her beginnings with animals. “The first time [I felt connected to animals] must have happened long before my memory started. Both my mother and father were tremendous animal lovers. They imbued in me the fact that, to me, there isn’t an animal on the planet that I don’t find fascinating and want to learn more about.”

To this end, Smithsonian points out (having done their research) that White’s first career aspirations were to be a park ranger or zookeeper. And when you’ve lived as long as White has, you’ve seen remarkable change.

“A couple of years ago, the Forest Service made me an honorary forest ranger,” White recalls. “Back when I started, girls couldn’t be forest rangers. But now they made me an honorary one, made it very official, and [it is a deep honor]. As far as a zookeeper, I have been such a zoo nut all my life that I am practically a zookeeper!” she notes.

But her devotion goes far beyond what these singular titles could ever convey. The official Betty White fan club, Bets’ Pets, collects dues from members that go directly into animal conservation and charities.

In short: let us all be more like Betty White.

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