What is Betty White’s Net Worth: The 99 Year Old Spends Her Money on These Two Things

by Katie Maloney

Betty White has spent decades building her career, and wealth. So, how much is the Hollywood icon worth and what does she spend her money on?

From The Betty White Show to Golden Girls to Toy Story 4, the 98-year-old Hollywood star is a worldwide icon. She has spent decades building her career. So, her $75 million net worth is well-earned. But how does Betty White spend her money? The answer is both simple and just as iconic as we would expect from a legend like Betty. She spends it on vodka and hotdogs.

According to an interview, Betty’s favorite snack foods consist of the American staples: hot dogs and french fries.

“When she’s at home, the Golden Girls alum likes to enjoy her favorite snack hot dogs and French fries, and sip on a vodka martini in her living room,” said White’s friends.

If she’s feeling especially fancy, she’ll move to the kitchen and whip up a grilled cheese with a can of tomato soup. Can we all agree that Betty’s love for childhood food classics makes her even more endearing? Just make that childhood classic adult-worthy with a vodka martini and Betty White is happy.

“Betty loves to joke that vodka keeps her young,” said her friends during an interview. “She loves the image of her sitting at home in a rocking chair, drinking a martini and watching game shows, but she’s not really a big drinker. That’s not her. She’ll only take a few sips of a cocktail if the occasion calls for it.”

In conclusion, if you want to get on Betty White’s good side, just bring her a hotdog and french fries, and a martini for sipping.

Actress Betty White poses with her favorite food, a hot dog. (Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

Did You Know Betty White Auditioned For The Role Of Blanche On The Golden Girls?

It’s difficult to imagine Betty White and anyone other than her iconic character Rose on The Golden Girls. But Betty almost didn’t play Rose. In fact, she originally auditioned for the role of Blanche for the show. Betty had just finished playing the “neighborhood nymphomaniac” Sue Ann Nivens on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. So, playing the extravagant and flirtatious southern-bell Blanche didn’t seem like too far of a stretch. But producers immediately saw Betty White as Rose – and we’re glad they did.

Betty played Rose for 204 episodes over the course of eight years. After the show’s premiere, all three leading ladies were nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. Betty White won in 1986. But each of the actresses won in subsequent years. During an interview, Betty said that the success of the show was due in part to each woman’s differences.

“It’s like four points on a compass,” said White. “We were each so different from the other and I think that’s why we fit together so well. And for the first five years, it was such a happy….we’d sit around and instead of going to our dressing rooms, we’d sit around and yak and talk about very intimate things.”