‘Big Sky’ Adds Two New Characters in Recurring Roles

by John Jamison

Has the long wait been killing you? Well, fret not “Big Sky” fans. The show is returning to finish what it started on April 13. Not only that, the end of Season 1 will introduce two new faces to the Montana-based drama.

ABC’s “Big Sky” has had an unusual journey, to say the least. The fan-favorite crime thriller first aired in November of last year before taking a series of breaks in the midst of Season 1. So fans will be all the more excited to learn of the new additions to the cast.

Deadline reports that actors Michelle Veintimilla and Sebastian Roché are joining the show and will be introduced as recurring characters.

Michelle will play a character named Rosie Amaya. Rosie grew up on the Kleinsasser family ranch, and she has the skills to prove it. She will be crucial to Jenny Hoyt and Cassie Dewell’s investigation.

Sebastion Roché, on the other hand, is playing a character by the name of Sheriff Wagy. As a Lochsa County Sheriff, Wagy has the authority to throw a wrench into Hoyt and Dewell’s investigation. And he very well may do just that. His motives? Unknown.

Get Caught Up On “Big Sky”

For those that need a refresher, read on. For those that have yet to start the show, be warned, spoilers are coming in hot.

The show is set in motion after Ronald Pergman kidnaps teen sisters Grace and Danielle.

Cody Hoyt, Jenny Hoyt, and Cassie Dewell join forces to investigate. But Cody gets too close and is killed by the corrupt police officer Rick Legarski, who is in cahoots with Ronald.

Cassie and Jenny narrow in on Legarski as a suspect. He nearly leads them to the kidnapped girls, but he moves the captives before they can be discovered.

Then struggles ensue as Jenny gets arrested and Cassie continues the hunt. She eventually tracks Legarski to a bar where he’s holding the captives. She shoots him.

Cassie saves the girls but Legarski survives the gunshot. Eventually, he wakes up from his coma but is killed by his wife, Merilee.

Unfortunately, Legarski was the only one who could connect Ronald to the crimes, so the investigators are going to have their work cut out for them when Episode 10 hits screens on April 13.