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‘Big Sky’ Announces Two New Reoccuring Actors Shortly Before April Return of Show

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Kharen Hill via Getty Images)

Big Sky is giving two characters recurring roles on the increasingly popular television show. Carlos Gomez and Anja Savcic are slated to become recurring characters on the show. This comes just one day ahead of the show’s return tomorrow, April 12.

The tenth episode of Big Sky, “Catastrophic Thinking,” should be a good one. But, the long-term addition of Carlos Gomez and Anja Savcic is an important note for the show. Gomez has been in three episodes of the show, while Savcic has only been in one so far.

Nonetheless, Gomez plays Gil Amaya. The Big Sky character is a former ranch manager who is deeply interwoven in the Kleinsasser family. Also, Amaya likely knows all of the family’s gnarly secrets.

On the other hand, Savcic plays Scarlet Leyendecker on Big Sky. Her character is the doting mother of Phoebe, who is just ten years old.

Gomez and Savcic Are Being Brought On as Recurring Actors for ‘Big Sky’

Gomez was most recently on ABC’s The Baker and the Beauty. So, this move keeps him within the ABC community of television shows. He has also been on Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders as Jose Menendez. Before that, though, he played Agent Jose Campos in Madam Secretary.

He has also been in films as well. He was in Spiked with Aiden Quinn and played a role in Ride Along 2 with Kevin Hart. All that to say that Big Sky is getting a talented actor whose versatility is likely underappreciated.

Savcic’s career has been very similar. She played Claire Wilkes for three seasons on Loudermilk. Not only is she part of Big Sky, but she is also in a recurring role on Nancy Drew.

So, by signing these two as recurring actors to Big Sky, the show now adds new possibilities to its episodes. There is a lot that these two can bring to episodes. Even though there are only three episodes left in the first season, hopefully, the two will be part of a second season.