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‘Big Sky’ Belated Birthday: Kylie Bunbury’s Best Moments Leading into Episode 7

by Evan Reier
(Darko Sikman/ABC via Getty Images)

People are getting to know exactly who Kylie Bunbury is with the recent success of ABC show Big Sky. The now 32-year-old has taken on the role of Cassie Dewell and is gripping audiences as a private investigator chasing justice and escaping danger alongside Jenny Hoyt.

While Bunbury is no stranger to TV roles, taking on her first in a Days of Our Lives all the way back in 2010, Bunbury’s role as Cassie is easily her most prominent yet. Along with actress Katheryn Winnick, Bunbury is leading the Big Sky charge, and the ratings are showing that audiences are intrigued.

Despite only six episodes to the show’s name, the journey of the pair has been jam-packed with deceit, drama and action. And, based on Episode 6’s insane ending, things are just getting started.

‘Big Sky’ Episode 1: Cassie and Jenny Fight

The introduction to the show and Cassie starts with a love triangle. While Jenny and husband Cody are separated, there is obvious tension that arrives when Cassie and Cody hook up.

This is without mentioning that Cassie is no weakling as a private investigator, and Jenny is an ex-cop. When Cassie confronts Jenny for being mad and not knowing the situation, chaos ensues for a classic bar fight.

Drastic circumstances force the pair into working together fairly quickly, but from the jump we know that Cassie, and Jenny, are not to be messed with.

Episode 2: Cassie Doesn’t Back Down From Legarski

If it wasn’t already clear that Cassie has the means to deal with danger, Episode 2 of Big Sky reaffirms it.

After Cody doesn’t return from searching for Danielle and Grace, things obviously get more intense. Cassie guesses he could be drinking. In reality, he has already suffered a much worse fate at the hands of crooked cop Legarski.

Cody actually told her he was meeting with the cop, so Cassie then goes to meet with the creep. Legarski not only hits on her and treats her race as an exotic asset, but he also follows her into her car.

But Cassie is unperturbed. After more weird comments, Cassie stands her ground, states her background and straight-up asks Legarski what he’s doing. He shrugs his shoulders and gets out, but that nerve-wracking interaction sets the tone for Cassie going forward.

Episode 3: Cassie and Jenny Begin to Heal

Not so much a “badass” moment like we’ve come to see from the two, but more of one that makes you realize that they are very much human.

After meeting up to discuss Cody’s disappearance and the fact he never made it to the church to investigate, Cassie and Jenny seem to truly connect on a deep emotional level. While they don’t necessarily embrace, they both admit to each other they are struggling to cope.

Who wouldn’t? This is truly a nightmare scenario they are in.

Episode 4: Cassie Thinking One Step Ahead

When we see Legarski complaining about Cassie and spewing “cancel culture” complaints, we’re not expecting Cassie and Jenny to cross paths nearly right after.

But that’s how it went down, and unbeknownst to Legarski, that’s bad news. While he was busy complaining, Cassie had stuck a tracking device on his vehicle.

One part of the show that is handled well is Cassie coming off as both tough and intelligent. After all, her FBI training and background would assume so. This is another moment where she makes a huge, smart decision that also makes sense in the context of her character.

Episode 5: Cassie Does the Damn Thing (Huge Spoiler)

Goodness. The “winter finale” of Big Sky had more tension than we can even describe.

After putting the pieces together, Cassie heads to the All In Bar, where she correctly suspects Legarski is holding Danielle, Grace and Jerrie. Upon confronting him, he again looks to intimidate her, despite that she’s got a gun pointed at him. The lack of respect makes sense from his misogynistic perspective and he makes the massive error of not thinking Cassie has the guts to do what’s required.

With a countdown, Legarski thinks he’s winning. He doesn’t finish before Cassie does what’s needed. The private investigator pulls the trigger and places a shot squarely in the bad cop’s dome.

We tried to tell you: don’t mess with Cassie.

Episode 6: Cassie and Jenny Recover Together

The seeds of bonding were planted back when the pair’s investigation into Rick and Ronald began. But, as we learn in Episode 6, the tragedy of knowing Cody has died is something that rocks them to their core.

Jenny is obviously struck by this more so, although Cassie is dealing with the weight of shooting Legarski in the head. In a tear-jerking moment, they continue to find that each other are the only people that can understand what they’ve been through.

When Jenny breaks down attempting to sing Cody’s favorite song, “Harvest” by Willie Nelson, at his funeral, Cassie steps in. She helps Jenny along, and they reflect on the fact that they’ve found support and comfort in each other.

However long that may be, though, remains to be seen.