‘Big Sky’ Continues Ratings Dip with Series Low Numbers for April 27 Episode

by Matthew Wilson

“Big Sky” certainly seems to be shrinking in viewership. Maybe, the biggest threat to Jenny and Cassie isn’t Ronald but the show’s dwindling ratings. For its April 27 episode “White Lion,” the show hit its lowest ratings to date.

According to TV Line, the show had 2.6 mil viewers for its last episode. And they scored a 0.3 in ratings. The latest episode marks a series low. It also continues a downward trend as more and more viewers check out of the crime drama.

Last week April 20’s Episode 12 “No Better Than Dogs” lost a number of viewers. The show dipped below the 3 million viewer mark for the first time. That episode had 2.97 million viewers, a loss of 13 percent of viewership. Likewise, this week’s episode saw the show lose another 13 percent of its viewers compared to last week.

This has been a season-long story for “Big Sky,” and it’s not looking good for the private investigators if things don’t change. There’s been plenty of one-season wonders. And “Big Sky” may soon join their company if the trend continues.

‘Big Sky’ Ratings Over the Season

Initially, it appeared that ABC had a hit on their hands. “Big Sky” premiered to some pretty big numbers. The show garnered 4.1 million in its debut. And it actually grew in viewership for its second episode, earning 4.5 million on the ratings. But things started to change after Episode 3.

The show experienced a giant drop for its fourth episode. In fact, “Big Sky” went down around 15 percent with that episode, dropping to 3.5 million. However, the show managed to hold around 3.5 million for a few episodes. But lately, the show has been dropping consistently around 10 percent per episode.

Outside of total viewership, “Big Sky” has suffered a beating in the 18-49 age range. That demo makes up the main audience of the show and is a big indicator of a second season or a cancellation. The reason for the drop in ratings is anybody’s guess. But there may be two factors at play.

For one, “Big Sky” has taken a couple of hiatuses throughout its first season. And while the show may have recently returned, viewers apparently did not. Breaks in shows can cause some audience members to lose interest and move onto something else. Secondly, outside of Ronald on the lam, the show has mostly wrapped up its original mystery. With a host of new dangers and faces, perhaps some viewers feel turned off by all the changes on the show.

It remains to be seen if “Big Sky” can improve its numbers in the weeks to come.