‘Big Sky’: Episode 7 Cliffhanger Has Everyone on the Edge of Their Seat

by Suzanne Halliburton

Big Sky ended Tuesday night with a death and a cliffhanger. Did you see it?

Cassie and Jenny, the heroines of the program who happen to be a private investigator and an ex-cop, knocked on the door at the Legarski home. They were looking for Ronald, who’d just killed his mother, unbeknownst to them.

Merilee Legarski, who knew Ronald by another name, answered the door. She looked at the police sketch of Ronald and told Cassie and Jenny he was upstairs. He’d come over earlier in the episode, sporting a new look.

With Cassie and Jenny at the front door, Ronald was upstairs, trying to destroy evidence in the Legarski’s safe room. Ronald is the creepy long-haul trucker who’s involved in a sex trafficking ring. As was Merilee’s husband, Rick Legarski. And Ronald is worried he’s about to be found out.

Big Sky Fans Were Going Crazy At Twists

On Twitter, Big Sky fans were going crazy at all the plot changes. There were so many developments.

First, Rick woke up from his coma. He’d been shot in the head in a mid-season cliffhanger. Last week, he opened an eye. Then during Tuesday’s episode, Rick talked. However, he has some short term memory issues. He can’t remember anything that’s happened in the last six to seven years. So chances are, he doesn’t know anything about Ronald.

Meanwhile, Ronald heard that Rick no longer was in his coma. But he didn’t know that Rick couldn’t remember everything. So, he changed his look. And he got really nervous.

Helen, Ronald’s overbearing mother, knew that her son was involved in evil. She told him she was praying for him. Then she said she was going to tell the police. That’s when Ronald snapped his mother’s neck, yet seemed stunned when she was dead.

Next Tuesday’s show should be wild. And Outsider has you covered.