‘Big Sky’ Episode 7: Full Recap Including Major Spoilers

by Matthew Wilson

They say that a mother’s love is unconditional. But Ronald Pergman certainly pushed that notion during the latest episode of “Big Sky.”

It was the neck crack heard around the world. During the latest “Big Sky” episode, Ronald furthered his descent into villainy by killing his dear old mom. The police are closing in on the trucker and his sex trafficking ring. And you know what they say about an animal that’s cornered? Ronald decided to shave and dye his hair black in an attempt to switch up his appearance. The trucker was worried about his partner Rick Legarski, currently in the hospital from a gunshot wound.

Ronald spent the episode in a state of anxiety, fearing that Rick might rat him out to law enforcement. This agitation built during the episode as the walls of justice closed in. Finally, it exploded in the only way that it could. Perhaps, Ronald’s mother Helen was always destined to die. But she secured her fate when she threatened to call the police and turn her son in. During a moment of unbridled rage, the trucker snapped his mother’s neck. He wasn’t going to let even her stand between him and freedom. But he instantly regretted his actions.

Police Narrow in on ‘Big Sky’

But Ronald wasn’t the only one feeling caged during the latest “Big Sky” episode. Rick finally woke up, and he appeared surprised to learn of his involvement in the sex trafficking ring. The corrupt police officer is claiming that he has a case of the amnesia. But our money is on Rick faking in an attempt to escape trouble.

Indeed, their victim Grace proved the key to the duo’s doom. Jenny and Cassie lead the search party for the body of the fishermen that Rick previously murdered. That man had tried to help Grace, but received only an arrow in the chest for his trouble. Rick had dumped his body in a secluded sulfur springs.

Grace confirmed that Rick was the one that killed the fishermen. And whether he remembers or not, the man’s been placed in handcuffs. She also drew a sketch of the other “Big Sky” sex trafficking criminal. The sketch looked exactly like Ronald, who was meeting with Rick’s wife Merilee.

The two briefly get intimate. But Merilee breaks it off. The real reason Ronald is there anyway is to retrieve a package from a hidden compartment upstairs. But while Ronald is upstairs, Cassie and Jenny arrive at the house. Initially, Merilee tells the two to leave. But she’s shocked to realize the police sketch looks exactly like Ronald.

In an exciting but infuriating cliffhanger, she tells the two that Ronald is upstairs.