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‘Big Sky’: Who is Erik the Newspaper Boy Actor Evan Whitten?

by Evan Reier
(Darko Sikman via Getty Images) EVAN WHITTEN

Episode 8 of Big Sky features a new face, Erik, a newspaper delivery boy who is causing major problems for Ronald. The thing that becomes abundantly clear about Erik is that he’s bold as can be and not afraid of a murderer and kidnapper like Ronald.

Granted, that pretty much immediately ends up in the young Montana child being abducted himself by Ronald, who catches him trying to take a photo after delivering the paper.

However, after being taken into Ronald’s basement, in broad daylight mind you, Erik is somewhat unfazed. Certainly scared, but he stays composed as he lies and then tells Ronald that the 38-year-old is in trouble. Impressive, kid.

Big Sky, being the fast-paced drama it is, sees other developments with Erik fairly quickly, but we’ll save that for another time. For now, there’s a question we want to answer:

Who is Evan Whitten, actor of Erik?

Meet Evan Whitten, Newest Face of ‘Big Sky’

You might have caught Whitten in a variety of different programs, as the young child has been busy. With a series of small appearances in 2017 and 2018, he got his feet off the ground. However, in 2018, Whitten took on his first reoccurring roles.

He played a patient on an arc for medical drama The Resident. He played Henry Barnett, whose younger brother Jasper dies of a brain issue before Henry battles a similar fate.

Further, he took on the role of “Young Elliot” for Mr. Robot. The smash-hit TV show sees Whitten assume the role which was played by two previous young actors, primarily acting in flashbacks. He makes a total of 6 episode appearances in the show.

Whitten went on to play Ethan Salazar in Next, appearing in the entirety of the first season.

Now, though, Whitten is taking on a murderer and kidnapper in what might be his exciting role yet.