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‘Big Sky’: Everything to Know About Ronald Actor Brian Geraghty

by Suzanne Halliburton
Darko Sikman via Getty Images

Big Sky fans know Brian Geraghty as Ronald Purgman, the creepy long-haul trucker who is linked to several kidnappings, including a sex worker and two sisters.

But what do we know about Brian Geraghty, the actor? Let Outsider fill you in.

First, Geraghty says he doesn’t mind being known as the weirdo truck driver from Big Sky.

“My girlfriend and I have been together for a good amount of time because of the pandemic and I haven’t met some of her friends yet,” Geraghty said. “Their first impression of me is Ronald on ‘Big Sky.’ My best friend called me and said, ‘When does ‘Big Sky’ come back? Man, you’re so crazy!’

“It’s fun to get feedback like, ‘You’re so creepy’ or ‘I feel bad for you,’ ” he said “That’s all of the things we’re going for.”

In real life, Geraghty isn’t so creepy, although he has occasionally played those kind of characters.

He’s 45 and has been acting since 1999, when he was on an episode of Law and Order. He also was in two episodes of Law and Order, Special Victims Unit.

Brian Geraghty Is From New Jersey And Has Played Characters From His Home State

Geraghty also had a tiny role in the Sopranos, the pop culture phenomenon that ran from 1999 through 2007. He played a counter boy in the series eighth episode, entitled “The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti.”

The Sopranos, about a New Jersey crime family, is considered one of the greatest TV dramas ever. It also was ground-breaking, as TV viewers started turning to movie networks like HBO for their prime-time viewing pleasure.

Brian Geraghty grew up in Toms River, New Jersey. The town has been featured in shows like HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and the Jersey Shore. Coincidentally, in 2013, Geraghty played Agent Knox in 10 episodes of Boardwalk Empire. The next season, Geraghty jumped to Showtime to play Jim Halloran in the show Ray Donovan.

His major film roles were in two military-themed themed movies, Jarhead and The Hurt Locker. The movie The Hurt Locker, which was about a team of soldiers who destroyed explosives, was an Academy Awards darling. Back in 2010, the movie was nominated for nine Oscars. It won six of them, including best picture. Brian Geraghty played Specialist Owen Eldridge.

First Big TV Role Was In Chicago P.D.

In 2014, Geraghty landed his first big network TV role when he was cast as Sean Roman for the second season of Chicago P.D. He also had a recurring role in Chicago Fire. The shows were created by Dick Wolf, who also was responsible for Law and Order and all the spinoffs. In Chicago P.D, Geraghty played Sean Roman, a patrol officer. He transferred districts after his relationship with Jenn Cassidy, played by actress Spencer Grammer. She’s the daughter of TV star Kelsey Grammer.

Meanwhile, Brian Geraghty was cast in the Alienist, a show on TNT in 2018. The show was about a team that investigated a string of murders of street children in New York. It was set in the mid 1890s. Geraghty played Theodore Roosevelt, the future U.S. president who on the show, was commissioner of the NYPD.

Now, Geraghty is enjoying playing a creepy, multi-dimensional bad guy in Big Sky.

“When I got the character description I thought, ‘This is like the Joker meets Tom Hanks in ‘Big,’” Geraghty said.

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