‘Big Sky’: Everything to Know About the Season 1 Finale

by Joe Rutland

As “Big Sky” ended its first season on Tuesday night, one might wonder if storylines started, ended, or were put in the to-be-continued box.

The ABC series, which will return for a second season, saw Ronald, played by Brian Geraghty, and Scarlet, played by Anja Savcic, make their relationship official.

But the big news happens to be around Jenny, played by Katheryn Winnick. She and her partner-in-crime Cassie, played by Kylie Bunbury, keep chasing down Ronald. But Jenny gets shot in the season finale, leaving her future in a life-or-death situation.

‘Big Sky’ Finale Sees Ronald Ask Scarlet To Act Like Hostage And Help Him

Back to Ronald for a minute. This dude asked Scarlet to act like his hostage so he could escape Mary’s home. Mary is played by Jaycie Dotin. Ronald, though, gets caught by Jerrie, played by Jesse James Keitel, with a gun in hand. Ronald gets cuffed and finds his path changed toward jail in “Big Sky.”

In front of both Cassie and Kelly, whom Ronald requested be present when being questioned by Mark Lindor, played by Omar Metwaly, he admits to killing Kelli. Ronald even suggests on “Big Sky” that they all go to where he kept Kelli’s body so he can show them.

They agree and he takes them to the wooden house where he kept Kelli and Mary stashed away. On the way back to jail, Ronald has some of his crime buddies show up. Cassie and Lindor were driving Ronald back but their car gets flipped. We don’t know if Lindor is alive or dead.

Jenny Gets Shot And Finds Herself Asking Cassie To Go And Chase Down Ronald

Ronald, though, tries reaching through the space created in the crash to strangle Cassie. Real nice guy, this Ronald dude has been all season long, huh?

While a couple of Ronald’s “friends” get him out of the car, they shoot Tubbs and get ready to make Cassie a victim. Jenny, though, gets their attention and they shoot her in the upper torso. She falls down and starts bleeding. Jenny is not dead. She tells Cassie to go after Ronald while she gets put into an ambulance.

But let’s go back to Ronald and Scarlet for a minute. Earlier, he told her to look through a hard drive he’d hidden and look for a name “John Milton.” Now Milton is part of the syndicate that Ronald is also a part of and Ronald knows this cat can help him out.

Once again, “Big Sky” leaves a lot of questions to be answered and storylines going into the second season. You will have to come back and watch the David E. Kelley-created series to see if Ronald finally gets captured by the cops.