‘Big Sky’ Fall Premiere Date Announced by ABC

by Madison Miller

We already knew that we hadn’t seen the last of Jenny Hoyt and Cassie Dewell and their shady Montana town. However, now fans can count down until the return of “Big Sky” because an official release date has been announced.

Official Release Date of ‘Big Sky’

The drama, the twists, and likely more gruesome death will be coming back on September 30 at 10/9 CT on ABC. It will be on directly after the extremely popular hospital drama show, “Grey’s Anatomy,” on Thursday. The show also gets added to Hulu the next day as well.

That means that if you’re reading this on July 15, there are only 77 days to go.

According to TV Line, ABC is now the third broadcast network to reveal exact premiere dates for the fall season. The network has its entire schedule mapped out — from “The Bachelorette” to “Station 19” to “The Conners” to “The Wonder Years” to “The Good Doctor.”

There’s little information about what to expect from the new season. In an interview with Celebrity Myxer, actress Dedee Pfeiffer, who plays Denise Brisbane, the secretary of the private investigative office, said there was little to share as of now.

She did say that the writers were working on actually writing the second season of “Big Sky.” She couldn’t provide any further information than that.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen our favorite private detective duo take on murderous families and a crazed Bonnie and Clyde wannabe couple on our screens.

The finale aired on May 18. It got right into a dramatic situation between Ronald and his girlfriend Scarlet. The two create an elaborate plan right as Jerrie and Lindor are about to bust Ronald.

Season One Finale

They decide that Scarlet will pretend to be his hostage in hopes it will give him an opening to escape. However, Jerrie is standing fearlessly at the backdoor, keeping all murderers on the premises. He gets put in handcuffs and brought into the station. Ron insists on Cassie and Jenny being present. He admits to murdering a woman named Kelli.

In a hair-pulling moment, yet typical “Big Sky’ moment, they decide to follow the killer to a location of his choosing. Obviously, all hell breaks loose. After the team finds Kelli’s corpse (she was left to starve) they head back home. On the way, some of Ronald’s associates in the sex trafficking ring stage an accident and break him out.

Lindor’s car is flipped and he looks to be in bad condition. Jenny gets a bullet right in the torso and is now fighting for her lie. All in all, things didn’t look great for the private investigative team. However, in a fit of fury, Cassie grabs a police car and chases after Ronald.

Ronald and Scarlet are in the backseat with their creepy hero. However, after learning they aren’t allowed to go get Scarlet’s daughter, Scarlet grabbed the wheel and Ronald strangled the man. They maniacally drive off into the sunset together.

Clearly, “Big Sky” will have more of Ronald and Scarlet as well as, hopefully, both Jenny and Cassie. Given the sex trafficking coordinators that came to help Ronald, this will likely be a big focus in the second season.