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‘Big Sky’: Fans Debate Whether Jerrie Actually Saw Ronald While Singing

by Suzanne Halliburton
Darko Sikman/ABC via Getty Images)

Fans of Big Sky know that Jerrie believes Ronald was phone stalking her in last week’s double episode of the drama. She’s the receptionist at Cassie and Jenny’s office, so she answers the calls.

But on Tuesday night, did Jerrie (played by Jesse James Keitel) peak out into the crowd and see Ronald as she sang?

First, some Big Sky background. Ronald is on the run. He has been for three months. Last week, he was wearing a knit hat and possibly a wig. His hair now is long and red and blondish. He’s also sporting round glasses. Ronald pretended to be a food delivery driver named Arthur. And he’s also got a relationship going with Scarlett, who works at a convenience store.

Ronald also has a taser taped underneath the sink. That’s how crazy Big Sky is, right?

So the key moment in question was when Jerrie hit a bar and took to karaoke. She was doing a fantastic job, but is convinced she sees Ronald while singing. This leads to a panic attack and a rush out of the bar.

Big Sky Fans Sound Off

During Tuesday night’s Big Sky episode, there was a huge Twitter debate on whether Jerrie saw Ronald. We take you there now.

“Uh oh. This is the scene when Jerrie spots Ronald!”

More sampling of Big Sky reaction to Jerrie maybe, possibly spotting Ronald.

“Was Ronald there or was Jerrie just imagining?”

“Take a shot of courage, Jerrie.”

And one Twitter user brings up a good point, writing:

“But how would Jerrie know Ronald in his new disguise?” (She just does).

“Stay safe, Jerrie!”

“Nice to see and hear Jerrie song!”

Jerrie, of course, is a key to Big Sky. She was sex worker who was held captive up until the winter finale. Before last week’s two-hour spring premiere, Big Sky teased the Jerrie-Ronald storyline again and about how Ronald still is harassing his former victim.

Jerrie is played by Jesse James Keitel.