‘Big Sky’: Fans Were Spooked by Cassie and Jenny’s Opening Pursuit of Ronald, Cut-Out of Rick Legarski in Episode 8

by Evan Reier

Big Sky is pretty dang good at getting people on edge. Besides the obvious themes of murder, kidnapping and generally just depressing, they have a knack for opening an episode up with high-tension. Ask Officer Rick Legarski and his wake-up from his coma.

Unsurprisingly, Episode 8 came out with guns blazing. Cassie and Jenny had arrived at Legarski’s house, where wife Merilee had brought in Ronald, accomplice to Legarski and the child-trafficking ring. Albeit, she only knew him as Mitchell.

Cassie and Jenny inform Merilee at the end of Episode 7, who is obviously shocked. When Episode 8 picks up, Jenny and Cassie are moving up the stairs to where they believe Ronald is.

In one of the more unique jump scares of recent memory, Cassie checks a room to find a large stand-up cut-out of Rick Legarski. Cassie takes a deep breath, but this woman has proven that she isn’t shaken by much.

Smiling and in his trooper uniform, it distinctly reminds the private investigator and audience at home of Legarski pre-headshot. Polite and kind on the surface, but a horrendous person underneath.

Of course, many fans had to react to the cut-out.

“Why in the world do they have a life size cut out of him??? #BigSky,” says @jayvee1293.

@ShaunB_76 added that it fits the “old” Rick perfectly: “Of course Rick would have a giant cutout of himself. #BigSky

“I need to know where I can buy a John Carroll Lynch cut-out. #BigSky,” @dakotaconway21 said.

‘Big Sky’ Episode 8 Opens with Ronald’s Escape

While the cut-out stole the show from the episode opener, the whole point of Cassie and Jenny heading up to Merilee’s was the hope that Ronald would be confronted. But as any TV-watching veteran could guess, Ronald got out of the house before justice reached him.

More importantly, there is a hole in Legarski’s closet, with the implication being that he found what he needed. If you remember correctly, Ronald made it his top priority to recover vital info that Legarski had on the child-trafficking ring, even killing his mother to do so.

Ronald made his escape and is now having to go ever-further down a whole of heinous acts to remain anonymous. It’s still unclear exactly what Ronald nabbed, or what implications it could have.