‘Big Sky’: Full Recap of Season 1, Episode 13

by Anna Dunn

ABC’s Big Sky returned last night with the episode, White Lion. The action-packed episode featured some big (and quite creepy) moments and, like many of the suspenseful Big Sky episodes, ended on a major cliffhanger.

Blackmail Material

Cheyenne, who saw JW murder his brother and panic, disposes of the body. She stages it to look like he took a fall (or jumped) from a cliff on the property. To JW’s obvious confusion, the deranged family finds the body the next day, much to their dismay (or, as much dismay as that family can muster).

Cheyenne’s new plan? Blackmail, of course. She full-on growls at the white tiger poster she discussed in the last episode and gives JW a swift kick to the groin before promising that she’d make good on her threats. Blake’s death gets ruled a suicide.

While dropping Cole’s remains in some sort of Lye, JW asks Rand to keep watch on their sister.

Trouble in ‘Big Sky’

The episode finds Cassie and Jenny struggling to find any new leads in their investigation. Nobody wants to talk about the Kleinsassers. Jenny insists to Cassie that they need to stay instead of turning in what they know to Blake’s lawyer.

Jenny is increasingly concerned that Blake isn’t returning her calls, and her concern turns out to have merit. Denise gives the investigators a call, saying that she heard over the police radio that there’s a body out on the Kleinsasser’s ranch. Jenny immediately suspects it’s Blake and later finds out her instincts were correct.

Cassie comforts Jenny before heading to Helena to investigate a lead in Ronald’s case with Lindor. The two decide to drive to Mary’s house. On the drive, viewers get to see a more human side of Lindor, where he says his sister was taken from a parking lot and that they never found her body.

Meanwhile, Jenny stays behind to talk with Angela, the sheriff’s assistant who agreed to help their investigation under the table. Angela later provides a massive break in the case.

She shows up to Jenny’s motel room with proof that the sheriff covered up the fact that Blake and Rosie were drugged the night of Rosie’s attack. But it wouldn’t be Big Sky without a massive cliffhanger. A truck plows through Jenny’s motel room before driving off into the night, leaving the fate of the women in question.

Ronald Does the Expected

Everyone knew it was only a matter of time before Ronald went back off the deep end. This episode proved to be his breaking point. Following the discovery that Ronald is not who he says, Mary sends a text to her sister telling her he’s not who he claims.

But Ronald has stolen Scarlett’s phone. Upon seeing the message, he decides to play Mary a little visit. Bizarrely, Mary’s place is filled with haunting-looking victorian dolls. Ronald breaks into her strange home, then wraps her in a blanket and binds her with tape.

He tortures her with a box cutter, demanding she admit that she called Dewel & Hoyt. Mary repeatedly calls Ronald a monster. Ronald proves those insults correct when he murders her. In a truly dramatic display, her blood splatters on her creepy army of dolls.

Ronald is tidying up when Cassie and Lindor pull up. He manages to get the body and get out unseen. Lindor and Cassie break-in and survey the scene. Eerily, they find a body in Mary’s own home in a trunk in the basement.

Ronald gets back on the road. One of Mary’s dolls sits with an empty expression in the front seat. Meanwhile, Mary’s body lays lifeless in the back.

The episodes brought up yet again more questions than answers. However, whether or not the formula of multiple plotlines is working for Big Sky is up for debate. The show recently received a drop in ratings. Hopefully, fans will see more of these mysteries solved in next week’s episode, Nice Animals, which airs Tuesday, May 4th at 9 PM EST on ABC.