‘Big Sky’: Full Recap of Tuesday Night’s ‘Nice Animals’ Episode

by Will Shepard

Suffice to say there was a lot of action during the newest episode of Big Sky. The most recent episode came with the news that the show was awarded a season two. Nonetheless, the “Nice Animals” episode had a lot in it that needs to be broken down.

This Tuesday’s Big Sky episode lets viewers know much more about what happens in the back pasture of Kleinsasser’s ranch. If you haven’t seen “Nice Animals” yet, there will be spoilers ahead.

In case you didn’t know, Rand was driving the truck that crashed through Jenny’s motel room. However, despite his excitement, the camera showed that Jenny was going to be okay.

After Sheriff Wagy came and gave his “I told you so” spiel, Jenny called him an “accessory” to murder. Wagy does not take this lightly, as the comment clearly struck a chord with him.

Consequently, Wagy decides to give Horst the rundown on the death. He also includes the fact that he knows Rand was behind the killing. He said that there is a “record of all them chemicals you’ve been putting on your ranch.” Wagy also adds that he can’t harbor the Kleinsasser family from investigation any longer.

More Details About the “Nice Animals” Episode From “Big Sky”

Then, Big Sky pivots to Cheyenne. She explains to her mother that she knows JW killed Blake. But, Margaret asks her not to tell Hurst yet.

She then details a story to Cheyenne about how Hurst took advantage of her shortly after she gave birth to Cheyenne. Margaret explained that she tried to give Hurst meatloaf laced with rat poison to kill him. But said that he “woke up fit as a fiddle.”

Then at Blake’s funeral, Margaret tells JW, “I know what you did.” She then tries to attack him, and people have to pull her off of him. No one seems to think twice about the altercation, though.

Soon thereafter, Big Sky viewers discover that the Kleinsassers have a ton of money. They learn that the family earned the money by dumping toxic chemicals in their back pasture. Additionally, Sheriff Wagy helped to set the whole deal up.

Viewers also learned that because of the illegal dealings, there have been several deaths because of the dumping. Not only were there accidents that resulted in deaths, but also the Kleinsassers have been killing people they have issues with by exposing them to the chemicals.

Consequently, Jenny, Cassie, and Gil attempt to get in the back pasture the same night as the funeral. They planned to take photos of the bodies hidden in the oil drums. But, Wagy tells Hurst about the plan. A few tense moments later, Rand and his big truck are quickly approaching. So the girls have to get out quickly.

A Camping Trip Turned Into Chaos Quickly

Ronald somehow convinced Scarlet and Phoebe to go on a camping trip with him. So, in the middle of the night, the two Big Sky girls hop into his semi-truck.

What the viewers know and the two girls don’t is that Mary’s body is hanging right near where they are going to sleep. When the three of them finally get to the campsite, Ronald starts to reveal his true colors.

He tells Phoebe that he likes to watch rabbits be eaten by their predators. After the weird diatribe, Scarlet and Phoebe finally get into their tent. Once they are asleep, Ronald sneaks out to go bury Mary’s body.

But, Phoebe wakes up and goes to check out the noises. She wonders what “Arthur” is doing all alone out in the dark.

Meanwhile, Lindor and Jerrie work out that Scarlett and Ronald are dating. So, they assume that they are out together in his truck.

So, with all the action that took place in the episode, are there certain things you think might be more important than others?