‘Big Sky’ Heats Up With New Teaser

by Anna Dunn

Big Sky is heating up with a new teaser for the next episode. The show’s Twitter account posted some clips of the characters along with some tweets reviewing the newest season.

“#BigSky is really heating up Make sure you’re all caught up before tomorrow’s new episode! Stream on Hulu,” the account wrote.

“It’s going down!” one fan replied, “can’t wait for tomorrow.”

Big Sky this year is definitely intense as it takes a look at a very different case than the ones covered last year. Starring Katheryn Winnick and Kylie Bunbury, the show follows two investigators operating in small-town Montana.

The new season really has shaken things up for all of the characters. But Katheryn Winnick’s character Jenny is undergoing some serious changes. She’s working as a detective again and has a bit of a romance brewing with Travis Stone.

What Katheryn Winnick Wants Next for Jenny

While Katheryn Winnick’s favorite part about season two so far is Jenny’s relationship, she still really wants to explore a particular background the character has professionally.

“I really want to explore that Jenny understands the undercover world,” Winnick said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “I’m enjoying the show going in this direction, and getting time to sit with them and see Jenny in her real life and not just on the run all the time.”

According to Winnick, right now, Jenny really focused on making sure she does well at her job and in her relationships. But she hasn’t completely succeeded. She neglected to follow the Sherrif’s orders and almost got killed, so Jenny still has plenty to learn.

Thankfully, she recognizes she made a pretty big mistake when it came to taking matters into her own hands.

“Obviously they’re now under attack,” she told the publication. “Jenny defied (Sheriff Walker) Tubb’s wishes of staying down and wanted to take matters into her own hands, and she realized that she’s a little bit in over her head, especially being shot at so violently.”

It’s hard to say what’ll happen next for Jenny, Cassie, and the rest of the Big Sky crew, but if the new preview for the upcoming episodes are anything to go by, season 2 is just getting started. If you want to tune in for yourself, the show airs on NBC every Thursday night at 10/9 central.

Also, if you like Big Sky, there’s good news for you. David E. Kelly, Executive Producer on Big Sky, is coming out with yet another series called The Missing which is set to air on NBC’s Peacock. There’s no set release date yet, but fans are already excited.