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‘Big Sky’: Here’s Where You’ve Seen ‘Cheyenne’ Before

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Big Sky features quite a few familiar faces led by Katheryn Winnick of Vikings fame. One young character in particular, however, has fans asking: where have I seen her before?

Fans keeping up with ABC’s crime noir throughout the first season have gotten to know Cheyenne Kleinsasser. Cheyenne is the only daughter of one Horst – an abominable rancher played by Ted Levine. Horst has been recently incapacitated by a stroke, sending Cheyenne and her brothers into a inheritance-laden turmoil.

Making her first appearance in Episode 11, Cheyenne has become quite the familiar face on Big Sky. And that goes double for tons of fans asking: “where have I seen this actress before?”

The actress behind Cheyenne is none other than Britt Robertson, a CW staple. The 31-year-old talent has quite a remarkable resume under her belt outside Big Sky and the CW, too.

After quite a few bit parts on television, Robertson’s first big Hollywood role came courtesy of Dan in Real Life. The 2007 film stars an in-his-prime Steve Carell, and Robertson plays his middle daughter, Cara.

From this notoriety, Robertson went on to nab a recurring role on CBS’ Swingtown. Unfortunately, the show didn’t last long, and it would be a few years before the actress scored a starring role.

From ‘Life Unexpected’ to Disney’s Tomorrowland to ‘Big Sky’

In 2010, Britt Robertson finally snagged her first lead. As Lux Cassidy, she would lead the CW drama Life Unexpected. Robertson was praised for her role in the show, but it didn’t stand the test of time – only lasting two seasons.

With one CW show ending, Robertson was tapped by the network for another. Next up was The Secret Circle based on the L.J. Smith fantasy novels. Within, Britt played Cassie Blake, a young woman who discovers she’s a witch. Quite the familiar plot, but one that always seems to play well.

Sadly, The Secret Circle didn’t last long, either, and Robertson was on the move again. Her next project would be for CBS’s Stephen King adaptation: Under the Dome. She would play Angie McAlister, a young nurse, for the first season.

All the while, Britt Robertson was leading a lucrative film career congruently to television. Her most notable movie roles prior to Big Sky are:

  • Scream 4
  • The Longest Ride
  • Tomorrowland

The latter, in which Robertson starred alongside George Clooney, truly put her on the map, according to her IMDb notes. More importantly, it gave her a fantastic working relationship with Disney. Through this, Britt came onto the ABC (a network long-run by Disney) legal drama For the People.

From there, well, we know where she ended up next. ABC seems to be holding on to Britt Robertson, and Big Sky fans are looking forward to what comes next for one Cheyenne Kleinsasser.