‘Big Sky’: How Jenny and Cassie Reacted to Episode 9’s Major Death

by Katie Maloney

There was a major death in the latest episode of Big Sky. Here’s how main characters Jenny and Cassie responded.

Big Sky has kept us on the edge of our couches all season long. Even Stephen King said the Big Sky is one of the most riveting shows on television. And when the king of suspense calls a show riveting, you know it’s worth watching. Just as fans have grown accustomed to the ups and downs of the show, it seems like the characters on Big Sky are used to being thrown some curveballs. However, even the show’s main characters Jenny and Cassie didn’t see the death in episode nine coming.

Big Sky trailer for episode 9.

How Did Cassie And Jenny React To Death On Big Sky?

This week, Jenny and Cassie were trying to stay one step ahead of the diversions Ronald created. Diversions included getting the two to chase after a car with the boy he kidnapped, Eric, trapped inside. They were able to save the boy but Ronald escaped.

Meanwhile, Rick’s wife, Merrilee, starts putting the pieces together and confirms that Rick is guilty. She remembers a moment, earlier in the season when she woke up to Rick touching her face and hair while holding a hammer. (A hammer he intended on using to kill her). When she asked him why he had the hammer, he said he was going to hang up a painting in their room. Merrilee decides that it’s not fair that rick can get away with murdering two people and trying to kill her. So, she kills him with the very hammer he contemplated killing her with just a few episodes earlier. Sheriff Walter Tubb shares the news of Rick’s death with Cassie and Jenny. Both Jenny and Cassie seemed shocked by the news. Then Jenny says, “Well, that’s some kind of justice.”

Cassie replies,”Yeah, but not the kind I was looking for. There hasn’t been any justice for Ronald, he’s still out there.”

Cassie confidently declares that the two of them will find Ronald together.

“Damn right we are,” confirms Jenny.

Jenny and Cassie may be shocked by Rick’s death, but they aren’t letting that muddy their focus on finding Ronald. To find out what happens next, we’ll have to tune in for the next episode of Big Sky on Tuesday, April 13 at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.