‘Big Sky’: How To Watch, Stream, and What Time It Starts

by Joe Rutland

“Big Sky” fans, it’s your time to turn on those TVs and see what will happen next as ABC’s crime drama thriller airs another new episode.

First, you can watch Tuesday night’s “Big Sky” episode on ABC. It’ll air at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central.

Second, what if you don’t have a TV and want to watch it through online streaming? Well, we’ve got you covered there too.

New episodes are posted on ABC.com and Hulu, making them available for viewing the day after it airs. Therefore, you can catch your “Big Sky” episode at both places on Wednesday.

Third, you probably want to know what’s going to happen in tonight’s episode. Well, the way this first season is going who knows what surprises are up the sleeve of director David E. Kelley.

Ronald Shows Up At Legarski’s House In ‘Big Sky’ Episode

As you recall last week, Ronald was in Officer Rick Legarski’s house. Merrilee Legarski, Rick’s wife, said at the very end, “He’s in the house.”

Legarski also opened both his eyes and appeared to be cognizant after being shot in the head. The week before, that episode ended with Legarski on his side and his left eye opening up.

So, what will happen with Ronald? Is there going to be something coming up with Ronald and Rick Legarski that hasn’t been seen before?

The old adage “stay tuned” is definitely worth using for “Big Sky” fans heading into Tuesday night’s episode.

‘Big Sky’ Holding Its Own When Looking At Ratings

Now some fans may be wondering how the show is holding up in the ratings. After all, “Big Sky” is in its first season and it is important they attract a good, steady audience.

Good news for the show indicates that it’s leading the 18-49 demographic, according to MSN, after last Tuesday’s high drama episode.

While it’s leading in that demographic, looking at the total numbers indicates that “Big Sky” took a dip in ratings. The Tuesday night thriller posted a 0.58 rating, which is .03 points off its 0.61 mark from the previous week. Viewers totaling 3.66 million watched “Big Sky” last Tuesday, in comparison to 3.84 million two weeks ago.

Now, this data doesn’t include those who are watching episodes after the Tuesday night airing on ABC. If you insert numbers from Hulu and ABC.com, then it might be a bigger number.