‘Big Sky’ Issues a ‘Friendly’ Warning Ahead of Season 2 Premiere

by Madison Miller

Whoever is running the Twitter account for the popular ABC crime thriller “Big Sky” should maybe get a raise.

The social media account has been eerily teasing the second season of the series, which starts on September 30. They are doing so by posting old stills from the first season with some cryptic and alarming text.

One of the more recent examples included Ronald Pergman, who we remember as the murdering trafficker who is now on the loose with his equally evil girlfriend. He is peering through the window of his front door at a priest.

His priest appeared in the eight-episode of season one. He approaches the Bergman home in search of Ronald’s mother — spoiler alert, he’s not going to find her alive by any means. The priest hears something weird coming from the basement.

Ronald has a young paperboy named Erik trapped down there but says it’s a “dog” instead. Eventually, the priest listens to his suspicions and heads to the basement. When Ronald discovers him looking around in the basement, they break out in a foot race.

Ronald shocks the priest with a taser. Eventually, they are face-to-face in the kitchen. Earlier in the episode, we learn that Ronald was held under the baptism water for longer than necessary as a child to try to toughen him up. In a disturbingly fitting moment, Ronald drowns the priest in the kitchen sink.

The caption used for the image is an interesting choice. While Ronald claimed the priest wasn’t entirely innocent, none of it really related to trust. As for Ronald, it’s hard for anyone to just see him as a friendly face at all anymore.

John Carroll Lynch ‘Big Sky’ Return

Prior to the start of season two, “Big Sky” has shared a lot of exciting news.

There are a lot of new cast members joining the series, such as Logan Marshall-Green, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Madelyn Kientz, Troy Johnson, Jeremy Ray Taylor, TV Carpio, Arturo Del Puerto, and Janina Gavankar.

Perhaps one of the most interesting teases revolves around John Carroll Lynch. If you watched season one then you remember Lynch’s character Montana Highway Patrol Officer Rick Legarski. As it turns out, Legarski was a murderer and was also involved in the trafficking business, and was in charge of Ronald Pergman. He survived a gunshot wound from Cassie but didn’t survive being bludgeoned to death by his furious wife in his hospital bed.

Now, Lynch has revealed that he is returning for season two. Fans are skeptical over him returning as Rick Legarski, seeing as there’s little to no way he could’ve survived the beating. The show likely wouldn’t bring him back to life for a second time, either.

According to Deadline, Lynch revealed the news at a recent panel. The showrunner and executive producer Elwood Reid eluded to the fact that Legarski has a twin, which was mentioned in season one.

At this time, that’s all the information available relating to his return to the big screen. Perhaps the “not all friendly faces are trustworthy” is some solid advice as we meet a plethora of new cast members.