‘Big Sky’: Jenny Actor Katheryn Winnick Said This Character’s Death Was ‘Important’ to Kickstart Show

by Madison Miller

“Big Sky” just got started in introducing fans to the dynamic duo of Jenny Hoyt (Katheryn Winnick) and Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury). Then the show went on winter break and is now returning with highly anticipated new episodes on April 13.

The pair started out as mortal enemies after they realize Cody Hoyt (Ryan Phillippe) had feelings for them both. However, that love triangle was put to rest when Cody was unfortunately, well, put to rest at the end of the first episode.

From there, the private detective and ex-cop started to team up to find the missing girls and search for Cody. Along the way, they discovered Cody’s death together, saved the girls, got Rick Legarski out of the picture, and continued to track down Ronald Pergman.

Now, the two women are the face of Dewell & Hoyt, the private investigation agency. After Cody’s death, Jenny filled in as the Hoyt of the equation.

‘Big Sky’ Jenny and Cassie Partnership

Despite Cody’s death serving as a massive plot twist for fans, in many ways it was very necessary. Not only did it prepare fans for the kind of twists and turns that are engrained throughout the series, but his death left room for an interesting and evolving partnership.

“It was so important to have him because it helped me and Kylie’s characters really bond. Two women, both in love with the same guy. They’re completely opposite, but they have a kinship and a mutual goal. They have to get through all that to be able to follow through with finding these girls and establish a partnership,” Katheryn Winnick said, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Ryan Phillippe’s character continues to appear in a series of flashbacks throughout the rest of the season. It shows his connection to Jenny and Cassie and allows viewers to still form an emotional connection to his character. The decision to have him appear in flashbacks was the network’s idea. Cody’s character is really the building block between Jenny and Cassie and will continue to impact the way their partnership grows.

Jesse James Keitel, who plays Jerrie in the show, expressed similar thoughts on the partnership and Cody’s death. Jerrie will be working with the women at the private investigation office.

“But you know, loss is something we’ve all had to deal with this year with the pandemic and everything. Through these hard times, you really come together with the people who you know and love. And honestly, people you didn’t expect you would. We really get to see that with Cassie and Jenny coming together in a way I don’t think anyone really expects,” Keitel told Entertainment Weekly.

New Relationships Coming

There have also been many new guests or recurring characters announced for “Big Sky.” According to Deadline, they include Michelle Veintimilla, Sebastian Roché, Ted Levine, Michelle Forbes, Britt Robertson, Michael Raymond-James, Ryan Dorsey, and Omar Metwally.

There is a new ranching family in town with Ted Levine as the patriarch. The family comes with a lot of drama, violence, and dysfunction, as well as one of Jenny’s old exes. The new cast members will add an entirely new storyline for Jenny and Cassie to investigate. While Ronald is still a focus, the show is beginning to shift to different investigations as well.

Also, Omar Metwally is a new deputy being introduced. With the new trailer released on April 1, it looks like an entirely different series due to just how many fresh and new faces got added to the mix.

Jerrie’s character appears to have a new potential love interest based on the trailer as well.