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‘Big Sky’: Jenny Fights For Her Life in Bloody Aftermath From Finale

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Big Sky’s newest teaser for the upcoming Thursday season 2 premiere sounds cheery. However, it looks pretty gruesome for Jenny. The new teaser has an upbeat tune playing over a clip of Jenny fighting for her life after getting shot in the finale.

“#BigSky is BACK on Thursday. Are you ready? Prepare and stream on Hulu,” the Twitter account for the series wrote. You can watch the sneak peek below.

It’s one of the first real peaks we’ve gotten at this season, and at least we know that Jenny starts the season alive. Though, producers have made it clear that on Big Sky, not even our main characters are safe. The second season follows Cassie and Jenny investigating a car crash that seems to have way more to the story.

With a brand new case, you can probably guess there’ll be plenty of brand new faces this season.

‘Big Sky’ Has added Six New Cast Members in Recurring Roles fo Season 2

The show has added 6 new actors in recurring roles for season 2, and there are some impressive people joining the drama.

Vinny Chhibber, Romy Rosemont, Patrick Gallagher, Ryan O’Nan, Michael Malarkey, and David Meunier are amongst the people joining the show for season 2. This is according to a report from Deadline.

Chhibber has had roles on Animal Kingdom and The Red Line. It looks like he’ll be playing a character named Jab on Big Sky. Jab is a character new to Helena who moves after his family runs into trouble with drug dealers. Chibber will act alongside another new cast member, Janina Gavankar. Gavankar will play his sister Ren. Ren is the employer of the man who got in the crash.

Rosemont is known for A Million Little Things and has even had roles in The Avengers, An American Crime, and Congo as well as a ton of different TV series. She also has an upcoming role in Netflix’s incredibly popular series, You. She’ll play Agatha, who runs an animal rehabilitation ranch.

Each of the new actors brings their interesting and impressive resumes to the table, and hopefully, they’ll be able to bring something special to the new upcoming season.

This season also sees a group of teenagers getting accidentally enmeshed in the entire car-crash-related mystery after they become witnesses to the crime and proceed to tamper with the scene. It also looks like whatever happens with this car crash gets all of our main characters watched by some shady characters.

If you want to catch Big Sky, you can tune into ABC this Thursday, September 30th after Grey’s Anatomy. And if that teaser of Jenny wasn’t enough, here’s a look at the full trailer.