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‘Big Sky’: Jenny Has a Plan But Will It Pay Off?

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

If there is one thing we know about “Big Sky,” it’s that a plan never seems to work out as planned.

Elaborate plans and missions often turn into death wishes or master escape plots. However, given the fact that Jenny is a cop and Cassie is a private investigator, nothing is going to stop them from coming up with these plans anytime soon.

“Big Sky” just returned from a rather long hiatus. Immediatly, things are moving along quickly. Between Ronald’s murderous ways, the issues at Wolf’s ranch, the teenagers mixed into the drug cartel, and the drug cartel itself, we’ve got a lot of different avenues going on right now.

The tenth episode of the season is called “Happy Thoughts,” which is ironic, given just how un-happy things are in this small Montana town. The episode synopsis seems to suggest that Jenny is trying to think of a solution to get the drug cartel folks out of town.

Her current plan is to bring Jag into custody. Jag is Ren’s brother who came into town to try to sort out the mess with the mysterious death and the missing drugs and money. It seems as though Jenny’s plan is just going to royally backfire at this point.

Ren quickly is going to get involved to keep her brother safe and not locked behind bars. It’s clear that Ren and Jag are likely going to be major antagonists throughout the rest of this season. Their storyline hasn’t had much resolution at all, which is why Ren keeps getting drug cartel family members popping into town. Jenny may just be in over her head.

Jenny is desperately trying to solve the situation between Ren and Jag. She’s likely not expecting the father who runs things behind the scenes to show up. Bernard White is joining the cast as Veer Bhullar. He’s frustrated with the entire situation and wants to try to regain control of his criminal empire.

More Loose Plots on ‘Big Sky’

There seem to be two very distant plot points going on this season. The entire situation with Ren, Jag, the drugs, and the teenagers are all mixed together on one side. Meanwhile, we have the situation with Wolf and the ranch as well as Scarlet and Ronald on the other side. Will these two sides ever cross paths or will they stay divided?

Meanwhile, Cassie and Lindor are going to discover the events that went down at Wolf’s ranch. Ronald and Scarlet escaped, but not before killing Agatha and possibly Wolf. That means another chase to get to him is going to start up. Hopefully, we get some resolution instead of just watching his character escape over and over again.

That’s where a plan really needs to go into effect on “Big Sky.”