‘Big Sky’: Is Jenny the Next to be Murdered in Episode 9?

by Evan Reier

If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that Big Sky doesn’t give their characters much rest. The Montana-set thriller picks up team week after week, and so does the intensity.

After what seemed like a lull in the aftermath of protagonist Cassie shooting Officer Rick Legarski in the head, things quickly picked up. For one, in Episode 7, Ronald kills his mother, and seemingly sets the wheels in motion for an all-out breakdown.

This is followed up when he kills another innocent person, as well as kidnapping a local paperboy named Erik. However, as Ronald goes deeper into the depths of insanity and crime, he eludes Cassie and ex-cop Jenny.

Which is where we find ourselves currently. It remains to be seen if Rick Legarski is lying or genuinely struggling with amnesia. Meanwhile, the chase for Ronald intensifies as news of Erik’s kidnapping prompts an Amber Alert. The clock is ticking from both perspectives, and Big Sky‘s post-episode teaser seems to imply that.

The clip shows a variety of potential developments, but one that is quickly noticeable is Jenny apparently getting in some form of trouble.

Whether it’s with Ronald or someone else is unknown, but if the ABC program is looking to turn some heads, Jenny becoming the next victim would certainly do so.

Why Jenny Could Die in Big Sky Episode 9

There’s not a ton to go off in the short post-episode teaser, but it’s clear that Jenny is in peril. Granted, the ex-Montana cop is definitely strong enough to hold her own, but her and Cassie are dealing with a much bigger evil than just average criminals.

But the real theory to why Jenny could become the next death in the series is her temper and passion. This might be best evidenced in Episode 8 of Big Sky, when she gets her turn with Rick Legarski.

It’s completely understandable why Jenny can barely maintain composure in front of her husband’s killer. However, her lashing out and demands are of someone who is acting in the name of revenge and emotion.

Based on that and her general attitude, it would not surprise me one bit to see Jenny rush into a bad situation. Whether that involves Ronald or another threat is unknown, but between that moment and the teaser, it seems like Jenny will head into the fire head-first.

She may have the tools to get herself out of it. But it’s become abundantly clear that Ronald and those associated with him and Legarski aren’t to be trifled with.