‘Big Sky’: Jerrie Actor Jesse James Keitel Reveals New Storylines, Relationships in Show’s April Return

by Madison Miller

For fans of ABC’s drama crime thriller, “Big Sky,” there’s a lot of big plot turns and storylines coming up. The show is coming back on Tuesday, April 13.

In the last episode before the break, fans remain left hanging with a lot of questions. Ronald Pergman had managed to escape after kidnapping a child and leaving a trail of murders back home. Merrilee Legarski causes any open ends with her husband and disgraced, murdering state trooper, Rick Legarski, to be promptly put to rest.

This is quite literal as she did viciously murder him in his hospital bed. Viewers know that Jenny Hoyt (Katheryn Winnick) and Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury) are going to continue searching for Pergman and whoever else was involved in the sex trafficking. “Big Sky” has a lot more violence and crime left in season one.

In fact, the two are now partners in Dewell & Hoyt, the private detective agency. Now, Jerrie Kennedy (Jesse James Keitel) is the newest addition to the team. She is the trans sex worker and aspiring singer that was originally kidnapped by Pergman at a truck stop. She ends up in a storage container alongside the two sisters before Jenny and Cassie come to the rescue.

Jesse James Keitel’s Character on ‘Big Sky’

In an interview with NY Post, Keigel said that Jerrie is looking at a new life in the Montana town.

“Jerrie is still a working girl, but a different kind of working girl — she’s the newest employee of Dewell & Hoyt. She’s never had a desk job but here she is. She’s had quite the journey, from being an aspiring singer to a former truck-stop sex worker to now working in a private investigators’ office,” Keigel said.

In a former episode of the show, it became clear that Jerrie wasn’t going anywhere. She tells Jenny in episode six that “I’ll do whatever it takes.” During the first portion of the series, her character has been incredibly impacted by the kidnapping and the events that transpired afterward. She has also been helpful in trying to track down Pergman and will still help with this. Jerrie’s character is a fan favorite.

She is empathetic and nurturing. In one episode of “Big Sky,” she helps to calm and reassure the mother of the child that Ronald Pergman kidnapped.

“It kept coming up very early on that she’s very aspirational and has big dreams, and that’s allowed me the freedom to inject my own take on her. I think when you take into account what she’s had to do to survive, not just the sex work but … how does she survive, emotionally, when she probably doesn’t have any semblance of a queer community where she is,” Keitel said.

Keitel also calls her character one of the “toughest characters on ‘Big Sky'” due to being a part of a marginalized population. Now, Jerrie appears to have a whole new position on the show.

New Characters Coming to Town

The new episodes will feature new storylines as well. This includes Jenny and Cassie investigating a macabre domestic violence case. There is also a new ranching family (the Kleinsassers) coming to the show. Ted Levine, known for “Monk” and “Ray Donovan,” is the patriarch of that family and a new series lead.

Keitel reveals that the eldest son of the family is actually Jenny’s ex. That means there are some romantic drama and relationships coming to “Big Sky.”

According to Deadline, the series added Michelle Forbes, Britt Robertson, Michael Raymond-James, Ryan Dorsey, and Omar Metwally as recurring guest stars on the show. Forbes is the mother, Margaret, of the ranching family. Robertson is the daughter, Cheyenne. The oldest brother, Rand, will be played by Dorsey. Metwally is Deputy Marshal Frank Lindor.

The family comes neatly included with drama, secrets, and other mysteries that will soon be unveiled.