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‘Big Sky’: Is Katheryn Winnick Saying Goodbye to the Show After Shocking Finale?

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Paul Archuleta/GC Images

In typical “Big Sky” fashion, the finale for season one went out with a bang, quite literally.

Tuesday night fans were in for a whirlwind finale after a season consistently full of ups and downs and constant near-death moments.

Now, one of the main characters, Jenny Hoyt, is riding on the line between life and death. It has some fans questioning if Katheryn Winnick, the actress portraying Jenny, is going to be appearing for season two of the show.

“Big Sky” was renewed for a second season earlier this month. The show stars private detectives played by Winnick and Kylie Bunbury. From trying to track down a murderer and sex trafficking ring to ending a powerful ranching family’s dark deeds, the duo is better together than separated.

In fact, the two unite after Cody Hoyt, a shared love interest from the beginning of season one, was shot and killed by Rick Legarski. It was the first sign that “Big Sky” is no stranger to plot twists and killing off main characters.

‘Big Sky’ and Katheryn Winnick

That makes fans question exactly where Jenny stands after the season finale. Is she going to be another Cody or is she going to be more like Rick? For reference, Rick Legarski was shot in the head by Cassie but managed to somehow survive. He fooled people into believing he lost all his memory. The end goal was to trick his way into eventually getting out of all the criminal activity and death he was a part of. His wife, however, ended up brutally murdering him in his hospital bed, officially putting to rest his storyline.

The show has used a very similar cliffhanger in the past. It’s unclear if writers for the show would want to repeat that again.

Near the end of the episode, Jenny is shot while trying to prevent Ronald from escaping once again. After Cassie emerges from the fight untouched, she grabs a machine gun and takes off after Ronald in a fit of rage. Jenny is bleeding out.

Killing Off Main Characters

The executive producer of “Big Sky,” Elwood Reid, spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the ending. While fans are going to have to wait until season two premieres for answers, Reid did give viewers some food-for-thought.

“That was something that came up in the writers’ room, which is: You shot a major character in the head and the next week he was up and running. Not up and running, but he was back. It’s pretty bad for her. And it’s also pretty bad for Cassie because she’s chasing after some pretty bad guys, including Ronald. We don’t know who this mysterious group is that broke him out. Both women are in jeopardy. Nobody’s off limits; everybody’s fair game. We’re going to go that way right to the end of the show — ride or die with that ethos,” Reid said.

In addition to leaving Cassie and Jenny’s fate in the air, “Big Sky” has opened up the possibility for a deeper delve into the sex trafficking business that started all this death and despair. A mysterious group broke Ronald out, which we will surely learn more about soon.

Cassie and Jenny are the main characters, so it does seem unlikely that both will die after just one season. At the same time, “Big Sky” has shown viewers that the writers don’t care about breaking out of the mold of not killing off main characters. We first notice this when fan-favorite Ryan Phillippe gets killed off at the end of the first episode.

Even if only one character makes it out, grief will surely be at the forefront of season two. Both Jenny and Cassie have faced a lot of troubling deaths, both at their hands or just witnessing it.

For now, we wait for more “Big Sky.”