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‘Big Sky’: Was a Kleinsasser Brother Killed in Final Moment of Episode 12?

by Suzanne Halliburton
Darko Sikman via Getty Images

Oh, Big Sky, you did it to us again, with another, “is he dead or not” ending.

In this case, we’ll have to wait until next week to figure out whether Blake Kleinsasser (Michael Raymond-James) is dead. Or did he survive a blow to the head? A direct hit by a shovel usually does the trick.

To top it off, John Wayne (Ted Schmid), Blake’s younger brother, is the guy who swung the shovel. The set up, Blake had just discovered a body when John Wayne hit him.

The action prompted tweet’s like “This family…Big Sky

Come to think of it, the end of Tuesday night’s episode is probably what prompted the tweet from the official Big Sky account. The show posted it Sunday to tease Tuesday’s show.

“Nothing quite like a Kleinsasser family breakfast…” (We’ll add, if you like your eggs over easy with a side of dysfunction).

Big Sky Gave Us Kleinsasser Family For Spring Premiere

Big Sky introduced the Kleinsasser family last week as the series kicked off the final dramatic episodes of the season.

Blake is Jenny’s ex. Jenny, of course, is one of the private investigators chasing Ronald. Blake was in prison for attacking a man who worked for Horst, the family patriarch.

Horst (Ted Levine) doesn’t have many redeeming qualities. He likes to play his kids against each other as he tries to decide who will inherit the ranch. He’s not in the greatest health, either.

Until Tuesday night, Big Sky fans could assume Blake was the family favorite. He is the firstborn. But thanks to John Wayne, he’s probably out of the picture. Brother Rand (Ryan Dorsey) also is iffy. Last week, Jenny, discovered Rand cooking meth in a trailer. Lots of Big Sky fans on Twitter were suggesting an Ozark flavor. Rand chased Jenny and she fell into some cow carcasses.

Nope, the Kleinsasser’s aren’t our favorite Big Sky family.