‘Big Sky’: Major Character Dies at the Hands of Ronald

by Suzanne Halliburton

Big Sky fans, who saw this coming? Show of hands. Yes, Ronald killed his mother. He snapped her neck.

Ronald Pergman’s mother, Helen, threatened to call the police on her son. Ronald, played by Brian Geraghty, put his hands around his mother’s neck and broke it. He seemed surprised when she fell back in her chair and didn’t wake up as she shook her. He’d been saying throughout the show that he’d never killed anyone. But that all changed.

Helen knew that Ronald was involved with a sex trafficking ring. She said she was praying for his soul and she wanted him to do the right thing.

But Ronald threatened his mother as she told him she’d called the cops. Then he popped her neck. It looked quick and painless.

Valerie Mehaffey, who played Helen, told Entertainment Weekly, she thought she’d probably be killed off the show.

“But it went back and forth in my mind, ” Mahaffey said. “Which was cool, because the power struggle between her and Ronald, it seemed that she had that upper hand for a long time. I didn’t know until the end that she was going to be able to to turn her son in. Because the love is warped, but it was very strong. And I didn’t know if she was going to aid and abet him.

Big Sky Plot Twist Earlier in Show: Rick Woke Up

Meanwhile, Ronald was nervous all episode. That’s because he’d heard about the episode’s earlier plot twist. Did you see it? Rick Legarski, Ronald’s partner in crime, woke up from his coma.

Rick Legarski, played by John Carroll Lynch, woke up in the hospital. He’d been shot in the head. But while he could carry on a conversation, he’d lost his short-term memory. It still was against all odds he even was awake. Last week, he’d opened his eyes as his wife, Merilee Legarsky, asked him “Rick, can you hear me? Blink if you can understand.” He did.

At the end of the episode, Jenny and Cassie, two private detectives, came looking for Ronald. They went to Legarski’s home. His wife, played by Brooke Smith, answered the door and looked at the police sketch Jenny and Cassie showed her. She said Ronald was in the house. And then it ends. C’mon! Give us something.