‘Big Sky’: Major Character Not Returning for Season 2

by Madison Miller

“Big Sky” was approved for a season two back in May. Despite the ABC show’s return, there are going to be some big, fan-favorite characters missing from the crime drama.

The first season of the series was split into two parts. When the show returned, in many ways it had quite the makeover. Instead of focusing on the kidnapping situation, as well as Rick the state trooper’s murderous downfall, it brought in all-new drama.

Ronald Pergman was still a huge part of the narrative. He had continuously evaded law enforcement and went on a bit of a killing spree. However, a family full of murderous tendencies, lifelong demons, and land worth taking lives became a huge plot point.

The dysfunctional family in question? The Kleinsassers.

The Kleinsassers are No-More on ‘Big Sky’

Now, according to TV Line, the last two surviving members of the family will not make an appearance in the second season of the series. It makes sense, given the fact that they were listed as guest stars during the credits of the ABC show.

Britt Robertson (“Under the Dome,” “Tomorrowland,” and “The Space Between Us”) played Cheyenne Kleinsasser in season one. Michelle Forbes (“The Killing”) played the matriarch of the broken family, Margaret Kleinsasser.

This means that “Big Sky” is completely moving on from the narrative. This also means that there will be a new focus for the series. Given the season finale, the focus seems to be back on the trafficking ring operating in Montana that involves truck drivers like Ronald and law enforcement officials. A few creepy and mysterious people helped Ronald escape at the last moment.

In a very Bonnie and Clyde moment, Ronald and Scarlet run off together after killing the driver and stealing the car. Given the past of “Big Sky,” the writers aren’t afraid to do a complete 180 when it comes to plot.

The Kleinassers offered a riveting story. However, with most of the family dead, there’s limited left to discuss. Jenny and Cassie helped uncover several murders and environmental crimes cover-ups that went back decades. We left the family with the news that Cheyenne was the head of the family ranch. She dropped off meaningful white lion cupcakes (which Jenny firmly told no one to eat) before heading out of the plot for good.

Other Roles for Two Actors

As for the two actors, both have plenty on their plate. Forbes is joining NBC’s “New Amsterdam” as Dr. Veronica Fuentes. Britt Robertson, who has had quite an expansive career, has several projects in the works. She just completed “A Mouthful of Air” alongside Jennifer Carpenter and Amanda Seyfried.

She also has the title role in “The Re-Education of Molly Singer,” which is currently in the filming process. The indie feature also stars Nico Santos, Holland Roden, Wendie Malick, and Ty Simpkins.

As for the characters you know and love on “Big Sky,” they will make a return to the screen on Thursday, September 30 at 10 p.m. ET.