‘Big Sky’: Merrilee Legarski Actor Brooke Smith Makes Major Career Move

by Madison Miller

Besides playing the wife of an evil Montana state trooper on “Big Sky,” Brooke Smith has even more plans for her career.

Stewart Talent announced it was signing the actress, according to Deadline. It is a leading national talent agency.

Other Roles for Brooke Smith

Every Tuesday she plays a major role in the new popular ABC show. However, Smith, who plays Merrilee Legarski, recently has other major and recent roles.

Smith is in Amazon’s anthology series “Them: Covenant.” Little Marvin creates the show and the executive producer is Lena Waithe.

The show takes place in 1953. It focuses on a young couple who move from their home in North Carolina to a Los Angeles neighborhood. Unfortunately for them, their house ends up being the go-to spot for supernatural and human threats.

Recently, Smith has also had other major roles on streaming services’ original series. For example, she is a court-appointed therapist on “Unbelievable.” This is a Netflix true-crime miniseries about a series of rapes in Washington State and Colorado.

Smith is also in Hulu’s “The Act” as an attorney that Patricia Arquette looks to for advice. This is another true crime television show that focuses on the real-life of Gypsy Rose Blanchard. She was accused of murdering her mother Dee Dee Blanchard after she abused her daughter by faking disabilities and illnesses.

Although she’s had a series of television credits recently, her most famous appearance has been in the classic horror film “The Silence of the Lambs.” Here she plays Catherine Martin, who is kidnapped by Buffalo Bill. Another popular film role was as a PR watchdog in Jay Roach’s “Bombshell.”

She was also in “Bates Motel” during its final season. She played Sheriff Dana Green. Smith was even on The History Channel’s “Project Blue Book” as a witness of an alien and UFO near her home. Other credits include “Ray Donovan” and other recent appearances.

It appears Smith is making a place for herself in crime or thriller roles.

Currently on ‘Big Sky’

Brooke Smith’s role on “Big Sky” is continuing to grow. She started out as the dissatisfied and bored wife of Rick Legarski. However, now Rick is in the hospital with limited memories from a bullet to the head. Cassie and Jenny discovered he was a part of the kidnappings.

More than that, he is behind the murder of Cody Hoyt and a fisherman. Merrilee appears to be oblivious that her husband is a monster of a Montana state trooper who spends his time working in sex trafficking rather than overlooking the state highways.

However, she got involved with Rick Legarski’s right-hand man, Ronald Pergman, oblivious to who he actually was. Now she has herself in a very tricky situation. She has been linked to both people involved in the crime but is firmly saying she is in no way involved. Despite her apparent obliviousness, law enforcement is hesitant to believe her.

Especially as Ronald has quite literally snapped under the pressure of almost being caught and killed two people. One was his own mother and another was a priest. He even has a child locked up in his basement that police are looking for. Ronald went from being the more compassionate criminal to killing anyone who gets in his way.

For Brooke Smith’s character, her involvement in the show only grows each episode as her proximity and involvement also grow. The last episode implied she didn’t believe Rick Legarski had lost all his memories.