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‘Big Sky’: New Character Mark Lindor Has Fans Wary

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by: Jonathan Hession/USA Network/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

“Big Sky” is back tonight (9pm Eastern on ABC), and fans of the riveting drama have some real concerns about the newest edition to the storyline, Mark Lindor.

If you’re watching the return of “Big Sky” to ABC via Tuesday’s two-hour mid-season premiere, then you know Mr. McCreepy Lindor is all kinds of sketch. A U.S. Marshal (or so we’re told) seeking out the Ronald Pergman case on his own, the character is giving off some seriously weird vibes.

Quick tip to any and all humans: if you’re trying to get someone to trust you, never repeatedly tell them (like Mark does Cassie) that you’ve “got off on the wrong foot.”


“Something seems off with this new guy,” tweets “Big Sky” viewer Addison amidst Tuesday’s return episode. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Played by Omar Metwally, “Big Sky”s Mark Lindor took on the Pergman case even though no new leads have presented themselves. Immediately upon entering Cassie & Jenny‘s office, Lindor presents himself as a U.S. Marshal. Our favorite duo, however, have their deep… deep suspicions to this.

New ‘Big Sky’ Character is Heavy On the Creep

Meanwhile, ol’ master-creep Ronald Pergman basically has his own new family now. Going by Arthur, the cold-blooded murderer has hoodwinked a new girlfriend named Mary – who herself has a daughter? What the hell is going on, “Big Sky”?

Fans want to know! Whatever the case, “Big Sky” is obviously in on the super off-putting vibes of Mark Lindor. Tweeting during the show Tuesday night, their official account hit fans with “𝘏𝘦 is picking up weird energy?”

“I’m pickin’ up a little weird energy here…” Sure, guy. So are we – along with thousands of other viewers. One such viewer, Brown Butterfly, puts it as plain as butterless toast:

“Yeah he sounds sketchy as f*ck…” she tweets. Right on the money, Ms. Butterfly. Right on the money.

Fellow viewer Stephon says “Mark can go back home,” with a glorious emoji eyeroll for good measure.

So how, exactly, is this all going to play out? Is Mark Lindor an actual U.S. Marshal? Will any of us sleep tonight knowing Pergman is around another child? Catch “Big Sky” Tuesday nights on ABC at 9 p.m. Eastern.