‘Big Sky’: New Episode Reveals Cassie’s Fate After Last Week’s Kidnapping

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Darko Sikman via Getty Images

Well, “Big Sky” wasted very little time in ramping up the stakes. The crime TV show kicked off its return with new threats and a kidnapping. Last week, Cassie once again found herself in mortal peril after a kidnapping. Anxious fans spent a week wondering how the private investigator was going to get out of this latest jam.

After all, “Big Sky” treats its characters a bit like cannon fodder at times. This was a show that killed one of its leads in the pilot episode. (Bye, bye Cody Hoyt). So fans were right to be nervous when both Cassie and Jenny were in dangerous situations by last week’s end. Viewers had to wait to see how their favorite crime-solving duo would survive. Or if they would survive.

Fortunately, Cassie is quick on her feet, or in the back of a police cruiser in the case. Last week, a corrupt police deputy abducted Cassie on her way back to the motel. Luckily, Cassie still had her phone on her and managed to rescue herself.

Cassie Saves Herself on Latest ‘Big Sky’

So how did it all shakedown? Cassie managed to use her phone to make a call. She calls her agency Dewell & Hoyt where she gets the answering machine. Thinking quickly, Cassie begins to give details such as the deputy’s name and also her current situation.

She leaves behind a breadcrumb for others to follow if she was to disappear. But Cassie doesn’t plan on ending up on a milk carton without a fight. As soon as the backdoor to the cruiser opens, Cassie kicks the door into the deputy. The force rattles the deputy long enough for Cassie to make a break for it. After all, who wouldn’t make a break for it?

Unfortunately, Cassie doesn’t make it far. She ends up falling and losing her phone in the process. Worse, the deputy catches up to her, and he’s not pleased by her escape attempt. He knocks Cassie unconscious with a rock that honestly could have killed her.

But Cassie’s quick thinking with the phone call ends up saving her life. Jerrie overhears the message and passes it to U.S Marshal Mark Lindor. Lindor may be a new face to “Big Sky” but he comes to Cassie’s rescue when she needs it most. Charging into the corrupt sheriff’s office, he demands that the sheriff release Cassie or else.

The “or else” part ends up being a call from the state’s governor. Reluctantly, the sheriff releases Cassie from a secret cell in the building. On the way back, the two characters bond. And Cassie is thankful to have survived her ordeal.