‘Big Sky’ to Receive Major Promotional Push at 2021 Academy Awards

by Anna Dunn

ABC’s Big Sky is going to receive a massive promotional push at the 2021 Academy Awards. The show is about a duo of Montana-based private detectives who become embroiled in the dangerous world of sex trafficking after three people go missing.

Along with Big Sky, ABC will use its oscars platform to promote its shows, American Idol, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Home Economics.

The Oscars are set to air tonight, April 25th, on ABC at 5 p.m. PST. Many expect this year’s viewership for the Oscars to decline more than usual (award shows have been experiencing a gradual viewership decline for years). This year in particular, is likely due to the complications of the COVID-19 pandemic on the film industry.

All About ‘Big Sky’

The suspenseful ABC drama is still in its first season and has yet to be renewed. Though it’s a good sign for ‘Big Sky’ fans that ABC is making it a marketing priority. The show has undergone a recent drop in ratings. Last week, the show experienced a concerning 13% drop in viewership.

Likely due to its admittedly shaky first few episodes, ‘Big Sky’ received a mixed reception from critics at first. The review site Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 58% but acknowledged the series promise with a critic’s consensus that reads, “Big Sky‘s shaky setup doesn’t do it many favors, but viewers who can push through may find its fast-paced, twisty mystery compelling enough.”

A Talented Cast

The show was created by Big Little Lies producer David E. Kelley. While critics say the writing could use improvement, the actors give standout performances that make the show worthwhile. It stars Katheryn Winnick (Vikings, The Marksman) as ex-cop and private detective Jenny Hoyt. Kylie Bunbury (When They See Us) stars as private detective Cassie Dewell.

The incredibly talented supporting cast is worth watching on their own. Brian Geraghty (The Hurt Locker, Bobby) plays the show’s main villain, sex trafficker Ronald Pergman. Jesse James Keitel (Fluidity, Younger) plays Jerrie Kennedy, a trans singer and sex worker who gets kidnapped by Ronald and later helps with the investigation. Keitel’s nuanced and well-acted portrayal of Jerrie Kennedy is considered one of the show’s best features.

You can catch up on Big Sky through ABC or Hulu. While the show may have some growing to do, its stand-out cast and often interesting twists and turns make the show worth turning into, especially for fans of crime dramas. For fans of Big Sky, hopefully the ABC promotional push will be enough to give the ratings a much-needed boost.