‘Big Sky’ Returns With Midseason Premiere, Boasts Strong TV Ratings

by Clayton Edwards

ABC’s crime drama/thriller “Big Sky” returned with its midseason premiere earlier this week. The show’s midseason finale back in December had strong ratings and pulled in just under 4 million viewers. The latest episode performed about the same. The viewership was a little lower but not enough to change the show’s steady 0.6 rating. The series has had steady viewership over its entire run.

This only takes live viewers into account. The series’ first five episodes saw huge jumps in ratings and viewership alike when the DVR numbers were figured in. Leading up to the midseason finale, DVR numbers were at least equal to live viewership. In fact, after factoring in on-demand watches, the fourth episode of “Big Sky” netted 7.6 million views. This doubled not only the view count but also the rating. The fourth episode’s final rating is a whopping 1.3. What it all boils down to is that this show has captured a large and loyal following.

The most telling thing about the midseason premiere’s performance is that it didn’t get any help from a big television event. For instance, “FBI,” got huge ratings bump from the NFL Conference Championship last weekend. Millions of people tuned in for the game and stuck around for what was next. It looks good on paper but it’s really just people who aren’t changing the channel. On the other hand, there was no big event leading people to ABC before the latest episode of “Big Sky.” People weren’t just sticking around for the show. They were tuning in to see what would happen next.

What’s Next for “Big Sky”

Things are looking good for “Big Sky” already. ABC originally ordered ten episodes of the show. After the first few performed well, the network ordered six more episodes. So, at the very least fans can expect ten more installments of the show.

A second season has not been announced just yet. However, if “Big Sky” continues to pull in millions of viewers as it has since its premiere, chances are good that there will be more seasons. With all of the other options out there, broadcast networks aren’t likely to pass up something that has built such a large following.

You can tune catch “Big Sky” on ABC every Tuesday night at 10 Eastern time. If you want to catch up on the series before jumping into next Tuesday’s episode, you can stream the whole series on the ABC website.