‘Big Sky’ Reveals ‘No One is Safe’ in Eery New Pic

by Madison Miller

The return of “Big Sky” on ABC is looming closely overhead.

The second season will premiere on Thursday, September 30 at 10 p.m. ET. The show has made itself known for its constant twist and turns throughout the duration of the first season.

The official “Big Sky” Twitter account posted an eery message and photo captioned, “No one is safe.”

For fans of the drama show, there is no truer sentiment. During the very first episode one of the favorite actors on the series, Ryan Phillippe, was shot in a jaw-dropping, slow-blink-worthy final moment.

Ominous Tweet From Show Meaning

You may also remember the evil and sadistic Montana State Trooper Rick Legarski and his constant talent for evading death. He survived a gunshot to the head, fired by private investigator Cassie Dewell. He spent time healing in the hospital and convinced everyone he encountered that he had severe memory loss from the injury.

Rick wasn’t able to fool his wife, Merilee, however. She picked up on his lies and didn’t want him to one day be able to walk a free man. Once she found out about all the terrible and evil doings he was behind, from murder to sex trafficking, she violently bludgeoned him to death in his hospital bed. She then was escorted away in handcuffs and has yet to appear in “Big Sky” again.

It’s unclear exactly what the show’s recent tweet means. Did Rick Legarski somehow manage to escape the grip of death yet again? Will John Carroll Lynch (Rick) and Brooke Smith (Merilee) be making an appearance in season two? Or is it just an ominous warning that there’s more death in the future?

It seems unlikely he survived the beating, but there’s no telling with this show.

The show really doesn’t stray away from killing characters. “Big Sky” introduced the widely dysfunctional and problematic Kleinsasser family after the midseason break. The show’s writers managed to kill all of the men in the family, two brothers and the patriarch, leaving only the mom and the sister.

The season finale also left us unsure about Jenny Hoyt’s fate, since she was shot by a shady group of men coming to rescue trafficker, killer, and all-around sociopath, Ronald Pergman.

Who to Expect with ‘Big Sky’ Return

Jenny Hoyt wasn’t the only one seemingly left for dead. Omar Metwally’s character, Mark Lindor, was in bad shape after one of the men trying to help Ronald Pergman sent his car spinning through the air. He was left unconscious from the impact as a shootout was underway around him.

Fans did see him on a stretcher near the end of the episode.

According to TV Line, Metwally will be a series regular in season two of the show. That means he clearly makes it out of all this okay. However, Britt Robertson and Michelle Forbes will not return to their haunting roles as Kleinsassers during season two.

This means that the show will likely feature new storylines and will zero in on the growing conflict with Ronald Pergman. So, that big season one cliffhanger is going to have some sense of resolution very soon.