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‘Big Sky’: Ronald’s Note is Discovered, Are Scarlet and Mary Going to Be His Accomplices?

by Jon D. B.
(Darko Sikman via Getty Images) ANJA SAVCIC

“I’ll always be with you…” It’s on now, “Big Sky” fans. Be warned that there are massive spoilers ahead for April 20’s episode, “No Better Than Dogs.”

Ronald’s note has been found, ladies and gents. With this insane development taking place in between taser-filled rampages, are Scarlett and Mary going to become the psychopath’s accomplices? Fans are seemingly convinced that’s going to be the case. After all, Ronald and Scarlet do have the same crazy eyes.

On the whole, the latest episode of “Big Sky” sees Cassie and Jenny each facing a dangerous attempt to run them out of town. Meanwhile, Jerrie has a close encounter with of a horrifying threat of her own. On top of that, Blake returns home to the ranch – receiving anything but a warm welcome…

As “Big Sky” themselves state in their synopsis: “This ain’t no typical family reunion.”

‘Big Sky’ Just Got a Whole Lot More Crazy

So what the hell just happened in “No Better Than Dogs?” Cassie is obviously missing and/or kidnapped by cops. And did Jerrie actually see Ronald singing? And why, why did they have to drag “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?” into this? Of course that’s Ronald’s favorite film…

As one fan put it on Twitter, “Do we know what happened to Cassie? I know the cop kidnapped her… Did something else happen?”

Oh yes. So, so much happened. Scarlet has found Mr. Creepy’s note. The note. And as it turns out, Ronald’s new family is as crazy as him. If not more…

“The mom and Ronald are both creepy, and what with the daughter cutting the Barbie’s hair?” another fan asks on Twitter. You know exactly what’s up with it… Crazy runs in the family!

“Big Sky”s Ronald definitely knows what Scarlet found, too.

“I’ll always be with you,” she says as he realizes what’s happened. As a result, Ronald is now left with two choices: kill his new “family”… Or bring them along for the ride.

But with Scarlet saying that she’s falling love, his decision may be made for him. He either now has assistance, or he’ll have to figure if he can trust them in the first place as he keeps up his dastardly ways.

And knowing “Big Sky,” Outsider is putting our money on this psycho clan going ham together.