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Big Sky Says a Motel is ‘Open for Business’ in Ominous New Teaser for Season 2

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

The second season premiere of the hit series “Big Sky” is fast approaching, and the “Big Sky” Twitter page is having fun teasing the upcoming action!

The video, which was posted Monday night doesn’t show much…but for fans of the ABC drama, it’s a welcome sneak peek. It’s also a sneak peek that perfectly sums up everything “Big Sky” viewers love about the unexpected breakout drama series.

Open For Business

#BigSky Motel, now open for business,” reads the post that features a video of the “Big Sky” Motel’s flickering neon sign.

The video starts out with the sign all lit up featuring the words “BIG SKY” in neon blue, and the word motel emblazoned underneath in cursive. Featured around the top of the words is a neon blue mountain range and some cheery green pine trees. Underneath these is another larger pine tree, and a depiction of a howling wolf.

Initially, the sign is bright and inviting with the message “THE LAST BEST PLACE YOU’VE NEVER SEEN VIEWS LIKE THIS,” written in neon lights under the logo.

The song “Tonight You Belong To Me,” plays cheerily in the background.

The mood quickly shifts, however, as the letters on the sign begin to dim, losing their luster among buzzing sounds.

Soon, the once cheery sign leaves a daunting message: “THE LAST PLACE YOU EVER SEE.”

Eventually, the message disappears entirely. As do the serene depictions of the mountain range and pine trees highlighted in a cheery green. Now, we are left looking at a dark sign with only the words “BIG SKY.”

This is when the info fans of the fledgling drama have been waiting for appears just underneath the show’s name.

“SEASON PREMIERE THURS SEPT 30,” reads the neon message.

“Big Sky” Mysteries Delight Fans

“Big Sky” is based on the C.J. Box book series, “The Highway.” Season one starred Katheryn Winnick and Kylie Bunbury.

Bunbury plays Cassie Dewell, a private investigator who heads the show’s Dewell & Hoyt private detective agency. Winnick portrays the former police officer turned private investigator, Jenny Hoyt. Her husband (Ryan Phillippe), is murdered early on in the show, as part of several inciting events to the show’s winding story.

The series follows Cassie and Jenny as they investigate a series of abductions in Montana.

Last spring, ABC announced that the series would be renewed for a second season. However, the announcement wasn’t a big surprise to “Big Sky” fans. “Big Sky” was rated ABC’s most-watched first-year series overall for the 2020-2021 television season.

Season one of the hit mystery drama is currently available for screening on Hulu.