‘Big Sky’ Season 2 Premiere: Full Recap

by Joe Rutland

With some drama, mystery, and many dead characters, “Big Sky” started its second season on ABC on Thursday night.

In this episode titled “Wakey, Wakey,” Jenny Hoyt, played by Kathryn Winnick, reunited with Cassie Dewell, played by Kylie Bunbury. An article from TVLine indicates that Jenny decides to take Sheriff Walter Tubb’s (Patrick Gallagher) offer and get back into law enforcement. Taking this move, though, leads her to tell Cassie that she won’t be an active member of their private investigation agency.

Cassie, though, is trying to get Ronald. The “Big Sky” search leads her and Deputy U.S. Marshal Mark Lindor (Omar Metwally), who also survived his injuries but is suspended at the moment, to the home of State Trooper Cormac Dewey. A camera caught Dewey taking Scarlet (Anja Savcic) from her home the day she disappeared. He just delays their questions.

No answers, just a warning: “They are watching: you, me, everything.”

‘Big Sky’ Opener Has Cassic and Jerrie Finding Dewey’s Dead Body At Home

Later, when Cassie and Jerrie, played by Jessie James Keitel, return for another stakeout, they discover that Dewey’s door is open. They find his dead body in a house, and gardening shears are slammed into his throat. Lindor arrives and Cassie shows him what she got before the police showed up: a folder containing surveillance photos of her and her son, Kai.

Now “Big Sky” starts to heat up even more. Jenny meets up with Travis, an old pal of Cody, at a bar. Cody pretends not to know her. When he shows up at Jenny’s place later on we find out that he’s an undercover cop. They flirt and things get steamy.

Elsewhere in town, a teen girl named Max meets up with her friends in the woods. They witness a car crash, which has the driver begging them to take the bags and run.

Another Legarski, Not Rick, Shows Up And Feeds A Captive Ronald In A Cell

They do this and hide. A whistling man arrives and kills the driver. Max stashes the bags at her house. A man hidden in trees watches them closely.

A large piece of land appears on the screen with animals in cages. A man brings eggs and bacon in the shape of a smiley face out to a box set back from the house. “Wake, wakey, eggs, and bakey,” he chirps. When he opens the large box, we see it is a cell where Ronald is being kept.

Who unlocks the cell? A man looking a lot like Rick Legarski. But he has a ponytail, bad teeth, and says to him, “Ronald, my dear boy, let us begin.” John Carroll Lynch returns as Wolf Legarski.

Yes sir, “Big Sky” is off and running.