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‘Big Sky’ Ticks Up in Ratings for Season Finale, But Still Blown Away by ‘NCIS,’ ‘FBI’

by Evan Reier
(Darko Sikman via Getty Images)

Big Sky has wrapped up its first season, and after some midway concerns, the ABC program has finished strong with its May 18 episode.

As with any season finale, fans were eager to see how the dramatic show tied up all its loose ends. And while those were tied, the show ended with even more questions than it solved.

That is thanks, in part, to a crazy back-half of the episode that saw a main character get shot and a major antagonist get away. This goes along with the emergence of a bigger presence in the crime ring that kicked off the show’s premise. However, we don’t want to spoil anything, so head over to Outsider writer Joe Rutland’s Big Sky recap article.

In the meantime, we can check in on the ratings for the show. Which, as mentioned, haven’t been mind-blowing but at least finished strong, per Yahoo.

After an uptick in the penultimate episode last week, the show clocked 2.63 million. It’s not a massive jump, but the show kept the momentum for 2.9 million viewers for the finale.

While Big Sky was able to get another rise in viewership, it didn’t mean ABC won on May 18. NCIS and FBI remain juggernauts on CBS, and saw 8.3 million and 7.4 million on Tuesday.

This is not to mention that NBC beat out the ABC program with The Voice (5.3 million,) This is Us (4.7 million,) and New Amsterdam (3 million.) So, the context is important to Big Sky finishing strong, and its more of a mixed bag than a successful finish.

Big Sky Moving Nights for Season 2

As is often the case with a program that showed promise but didn’t quite hit the marks the network wants, Big Sky is moving nights.

Instead of Tuesday, Season 2 of Big Sky will air on Thursdays. Thursday is a great night for ABC, mostly because the long-running success Grey’s Anatomy airs at 9 p.m. ET. Ahead of Season 2, the show will move into the follow-up spot at 10 p.m. ET.

On paper, this seems like a great idea for a show of Big Sky’s performance and caliber. It may not be a complete smash-hit that ABC wanted, but the show’s suspense and intensity makes perfect sense for a late-night time in a late-week slot.

It remains to be seen if it pays off, but either way, ABC has elected to give it another shot.