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‘Big Sky’: See the Moment Legarski Wakes up, First Words Revealed

by Joe Rutland
(Darko Sikman via Getty Images)

Oh, those plot twists keep coming on “Big Sky” as Officer Rick Legarski, who was shot in the head and left for dead, opened his eyes.

Yes, Legarski is alive. Tuesday night’s episode saw Legarski, played by John Carroll Lynch, open both eyes after last week’s episode teased him waking up.

His first words upon waking up are “Who shot me.”

The moment Legarski wakes up was captured by a “Big Sky” fan on Twitter.

Another fan, while watching the show, tweeted out, “Yeah! Legarski is awake! @BigSkyABC #BigSky #BigSkyABC”

Before he opened his eyes, Legarski’s wife Merrilee had been sitting by his bedside. She kept watch over her husband, hoping that he would show some signs of life.

Legarski Finds Strength To Whisper Out His First Words

Legarski manages to muster up enough strength in his voice to whisper out those first words.

Ultimately, a physician comes over to check on his condition. This comes after a nurse was called to his bedside by Merrilee, played by Brooke Smith. She checks his eyes with a light, then runs off to get a doctor immediately.

This plot twist puts Legarski in the middle of another crazy “Big Sky” moment. He has been in a number of them throughout the first-season episodes from David E. Kelley.

Lynch, who has a deep background of movie and TV roles to his credit, makes Legarski a truly believable character.

Now viewers are left to wonder what will happen to Legarski after this turn of events. They probably thought, like his wife, that he was a goner. Maybe brain dead, but not ever going to open his eyes again.

Well, this just adds more drama to an already action-packed crime drama series on ABC.

A “Big Sky” fan has a lot of plots to keep up with involving Cassie, Jessie, Ronald, and much, much more.