‘Big Sky’ Sees Another Huge Dip in Ratings After April 20 Episode

by Jon D. B.

ABC’s Pacific Northwest crime noir “Big Sky” launched as a sizeable hit for the network but has consistently lost viewers over the course of its first season. Now, after April 20 episode “No Better Than Dogs,” the series may be in trouble.

It’s too soon to tell if audiences aren’t enjoying “Big Sky”s unique brand of twisty crime. The numbers, however, don’t lie. ABC’s “Big Sky” boasts a great cast and some pretty stellar storytelling, but if viewers aren’t along for the ride, that all might as well be un-churned butter.

By all accounts, ABC has had a real rough go of it finding hits for their Tuesday primetime slots. “Big Sky” felt a surefire hit with a strong 4.1 million viewers for its series premiere, too. Those ratings also stayed consistent over the first three episodes, peaking with Ep 2 at 4.5 million.

For whatever reason, Episode 4 of “Big Sky” lost a huge amount of viewership, seeing a 15% drop down to 3.5 million as Tv Series Finale charts out. And that was the second-biggest loss the crime thriller’s seen since its debut. But now, these 10%+ losses are becoming a constant.

No one’s sure why yet, but April 20’s Episode 12, “No Better Than Dogs,” cost “Big Sky” another remarkable chunk of viewers. Dipping below 3 million for the first time, Ep 12 is an all-time low at 2.97 million. This is a huge 13% loss of viewership, something that’s become the norm for “Big Sky” as it steadily loses viewers over the course of the premiere season.

‘Big Sky’s Ratings Over All

The previous two episodes saw a steady hold over audiences at 3.5 million. With each viewership dip comes a big loss in “Big Sky”s main demo of ages 18-49, too. In short: things aren’t looking so good for Cassie & crew.

While demos certainly aren’t everything, when it comes to television – total ratings certainly are. Ratings are the strongest (see: best) indication of a series’ chance of staying on air. And as the full chart from TV Series Finale shows, “Big Sky” has some work to do, or it may only last a season, two at the most.

A lot – and we mean a lot – is happening on the show as of late. With new characters like Scarlet testing audience’s acceptance of more crazy, this huge loss in viewership may come down to “Big Sky” fans simply not enjoying the direction the thriller is taking. It has, after all, come a long way from where it began – for better or worse.