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‘Big Sky’: Several New Characters Appear in New Episode, Leaving Many Fans Confused

by Anna Dunn
(Darko Sikman via Getty Images) KATHERYN WINNICK

Big Sky has officially returned, and fans have questions. With several new characters, people have struggled with keeping track of just who’s who. With episodes with this many characters, it almost feels like Game of Thrones. One fan tweeted, “Who’s Allen? Who were the two guys after him? Who’s the dude in jail? Who’s his dad? Who the hell is Ronald dating?!” Others seem excited to see some new faces in the mix.

So, without further ado, here are the new faces:

Alan the Trafficker

Cassie and Jenny quickly realize that what they thought was a traditional domestic affair case was not that at all. It appears to them that Alan has been trafficking something, but what? Alan winds up killing a hitman, The Snail, but The Snail’s boyfriend seeks revenge. Jenny kills The Snails Boyfriend and saves Alan to find out he’s trafficking black market thoroughbred semen (yikes!).

“Arthur”, Scarlett and Phoebe

Ronald’s back, and with a new name, girlfriend, and hairdo. His girlfriend Scarlett works as a convenience store clerk. Scarlett also has a daughter, Phoebe, and a sister, Mary, who could potentially cause trouble for Arthur and says that she recognizes him.

It’s not likely that Ronald/Arthur is fully changed or reformed either. At one point, he tases himself to control his urges. It’s concerning, considering he’s around a kid. Jerri, now working as the receptionist, keeps getting disturbing calls to Dewell & Hoyt that she swears are from Ronald.

Mark Lindor has ‘Big Sky’ Fans Suspicious

When it comes to Mark Lindor, Big Sky fans and characters alike have reacted with suspicion. The supposed US Marshal shows up in Helena and says he’s working on Ronald’s case. The women don’t take his arrival well. There’s a lingering suspicion that he’s not who he says he is. It’s understandable, considering Lindor seems especially odd. While some fans think he means well, others don’t trust him one bit. Even the show’s executive producer, Ross Fineman, told Entertainment Weekly, “we can’t trust anybody.”

Blake Kleinsasser and The Family

Blake Kleinsasser is Jenny’s ex who’s in prison for attacking a man who worked for his dad, Horst. Horst is no ray of sunshine. He’s a cantankerous and aggressive man who’s trying to decide which of his kids to leave his ranch to after his death. Blake is the first in line, and he has some siblings who could also inherit the ranch.

Most fans agree that the Kleinsasser family is an odd bunch, to say the least. Blake winds up getting out of jail with Horst picking him up. It’ll be interesting to see how Blake and the rest of the Kleinsassers will factor into the rest of this season of Big Sky.

Jenny, meanwhile, discovers Rand Kleinsasser cooking meth in a trailer. He chases her while wielding a knife until she falls into a pile of cow carcasses, and Rand gives her a creepy smile.

Where to Watch ‘Big Sky’

And until next week, fans can sit with all of their burning questions. What’s Ronald going to do next? Who just took Cassie? Is Lindor really who he says he is? If you don’t know where to watch, Big Sky Premieres on Tuesday nights on ABC at 9 PM Eastern. And, if you haven’t gotten up to date, you can catch up through ABC or Hulu.