‘Big Sky’ Shares the ‘Rules of Law’ in New Video

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Since we haven’t gotten to see new episodes of “Big Sky” on our screens for what feels like forever, Twitter posts from the show are what’s helping us keep it together.

Most recently, the show shared a fun compilation of what is being deemed “Ren’s Rules of Law.” Ren is played by Janina Gavankar and is easily one of the most popular new character additions for season two. Although she’s far from being a morally sound person, Ren balances evil with humor to make her far too entertaining.

As for those rules of law, Ren has three of them. The first is to be proud. At one point, Ren states, “Don’t diminish your worth. We’re women, we got enough people doing that to us every day.” She may be the main female antagonist of season two, but she’s still a feminist through and through.

The second rule is to be consistent. Ren states, “You men just try to change and destroy things. It’s childish.” She says this after trying food that her henchman Donno made. Turns out she really enjoyed the dish after a bit of banter between the two. Honestly, the Ren-Donno banter is truly a highlight of season two so far.

Janina Gavankar Dishes on Ren

The last might just be the most important for Ren. It’s to be tough. She’s already proved just how fiercely tough and fearless she is and will never lose sight of a mission. “I love when a woman advocates for herself.”

For viewers at home, Ren is all bad, all evil. Gavankar, however, pointed out that her character may not be quite as evil as we all think.

“The thing about Ren that you might not notice at the jump — because she seems like an evil, evil lady — is that she’s actually not there to kill a bunch of people. She’s actually there to work smarter than her family. She’s there trying to prove that you don’t have to kill a bunch of people to get the job done. So even though, ironically, everybody’s looking at her like she’s some bad lady, she’s actually there to be sweet. As sweet as she can be about getting her money and drugs,” Gavankar said to TVLine.

What to Expect from Midseason Return of ‘Big Sky’

When “Big Sky” returns on February 24, fans will eventually get to meet some members of Ren’s family. They may not be so nice about things (basically meaning they probably would rather just kill people to get what they want). Meanwhile, Ren has manipulative power over people that helps her get jobs done.

Besides that, “Big Sky” is going to jump right back into where we left off. Unfortunately, that’s when Ronald Pergman killed Cassie’s father. As if she hadn’t been going through enough as it is.

As the great friend she is, Jenny says she’ll help Cassie get payback. No matter what it takes. Not to mention, Wolf and Ronald appear to be getting a more central role in the narrative for the rest of the season. I guess that’s what happens when one of them kills someone.