‘Big Sky’ Showrunner Hints Actor From Season One Might Make Surprising Return

by Joe Rutland

Fans of the ABC drama “Big Sky” have been awaiting Thursday night’s season debut. But there’s even more reason to watch with a return.

Not just any return, but of an actor who had a powerful role. TV Insider has the scoop from an interview with “Big Sky” showrunner Elwood Reid.

Outsiders, you will remember that Montana Highway Patrol officer Rick Legarski was killed. Legarski, played by John Carroll Lynch, mentioned something, though, in an episode. Legarski talked about having a twin brother. Reid is asked what this means for Season 2 starting tonight on ABC.

‘Big Sky’ Fans Will Have To Watch, See Any Movement About Legarski Family

What’s interesting is that Lynch narrated the Season 2 “Big Sky” opening trailer and has been confirmed for this season’s new episodes.

Reid laughs and says, “I don’t know. I mean, the teaser was a surprise to me… John Carroll Lynch just likes money. He just likes money.”

He continued, saying, “I think we paid him a lot of money to do that, so, you know, I mean, you’d have to talk to John Carroll Lynch. You know he’s for sale, so that’s not a secret either.”

OK, “Big Sky” fans, you will have to watch and see how Legarski’s twin pops up. Catch the Season 2 opener on Thursday night at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central.

Winnick Talked About Show Making Move To New Mexico, Change In Character

If you have been keeping up with the ABC show, then you’ll know that show production has moved to New Mexico. The first season’s episodes were filmed in British Columbia.

Kathryn Winnick, who plays Jenny, talks about making the change.

“It feels like it’s a new show this year with a whole new outlook,” Winnick said. “I’m really excited for it to hit the air.”

Her character also goes through some changes, too. Winnick talked about it.

“You see Jenny in a new light,” Winnick said. “She’s now becoming a sheriff so she wants to take back control. She’s now going to be trying to be more effective as she has that badge.”

As for new characters, they include a waitress who sees her boyfriend go missing. Also, they include a former flame from her past, along with an employer seeking information about her missing employee.

Winnick also talked about her character with Good Morning America

“We got Jenny 2.0,” she said. “She [Jenny] had a near-death experience at the end of season 1. We pick her up in season 2 just moments after she got shot and she now has a new perspective on life.”

How will she show up on “Big Sky” in Season 2? Tune in starting Thursday night and watch.