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‘Big Sky’: Sneak Peek Raises Questions If Scarlet Will Learn Ronald’s Dark Secret New Episode

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Darko Sikman via Getty Images

If you tuned in for last week’s two-part spring premiere of “Big Sky,” you know that there’s been a lot of big changes since we last saw the small-town Montana characters.

Jenny and Cassie have teamed up to keep the legacy of Dewell & Hoyt intact. However, now they have switched to taking on domestic crime issues. U.S. Marshal Mark Lindor has also randomly stopped in to help with the Ronald Pergman case.

Meanwhile, Jerrie Kennedy is now working in the office as well. She is getting strange unknown phone calls with someone awkwardly, yet menacingly, breathing on the other side. She believes it is Ronald.

Ronald/Arnold’s Dark Secret

In the last episode before the break, Ronald escapes after a wild Tesla-driven escape plan involving a small boy as a hostage. Now, viewers see that he has settled in a different small town. This time, he has a “disguise.” It’s not much of a disguise, however. He has grown out his hair, added on some chunky glasses, and has started to wear clothes that look like they’re straight from the 1960s.

Not only has he managed to escape for the time being and start over, but Ronald (or Arnold in this case) also has a new girlfriend. Her name is Scarlet. She also has a young son that Ronald spends a lot of time with. She claims he is “so good with him” in the first episode of the premiere of “Big Sky.”

However, it’s not all as good as it looks. Scarlet’s sister comes to town and says that Ronald looks very familiar. she likely recognizes his face that was once plastered on newspapers as a murderer. Meawhile, she also discovers his taser, but is weirdly accepting.

Viewers feel like they want to shout at Scarlet to get out while she can. In a sneak peek for the next episode airing tonight on ABC, Scarlet is just getting warmer and warmer to Ronald’s dark and evil side. It has already come out in snippets in the first two episodes.

According to an exclusive peek on TV Line, she confronts Ronald after finding the handwritten note that U.S. Marshal Mark Lindor left on Ronald’s mother’s grave. It was meant to lure him out to be captured. Instead, it’s now causing trouble in paradise. The note does read, “I’ll always love you” followed by a heart and some exceptional handwriting.

She proceeds to confront Ronald and interrogate him. That handy taser makes another appearance. In many ways, it seems like Ronald and Scarlet give off Bonnie and Clyde vibes. If she does discover his past, what would she do?

‘Big Sky’ Ratings For Its Return

“Big Sky” has only been back from its break for a two-hour period so far.

The show has recruited a massive amount of new faces to tell an entirely different dark and twisted tale. While Ronald is still a concern, an entirely new family, called the Kleinsassers, is bringing a whole new element of drama.

The show has new guest stars that include Michelle Forbes, Britt Robertson, Michael Raymond-James, Ryan Dorsey, and Omar Metwally are just a few of these new faces.

TV Line reports that last week’s episode had 3.5 million viewers and a 0.5 demo rating. This means the show was down 15% in viewers and 29% in ratings compared to the winter finale from February.

The second episode slipped even more with 3.2 million viewers and a 0.4 rating. This means fewer people were inclined to watch for two hours. The next few episode’s ratings are key factors in whether the show will see a season two.