‘Big Sky’ Star Katheryn Winnick Drops ‘Magical’ Red Carpet Photo in Beautiful Black and White Dress

by Anna Dunn

Big Sky star Katheryn Winnick just posted a gorgeous red carpet photo from the Cannes world film festival. The actress has also featured in Vikings, The Marksman, and Polar.

The photo shows off Winnick in a stunning black and white dress. But the actress wasn’t just at Cannes for pleasure, she’s also promoting a new film she’s in called Flag Day.

“What a magical night! So proud to be part of Sean Penn’s masterpiece FLAG DAY.” The actress wrote. With a new film coming out and a second season of Big Sky on the way, the Winnick is certainly busy. It’s unclear when the show will start filming again.

ABC Renewed ‘Big Sky’ Earlier this Year

While Big Sky managed to find a smaller, passionate fanbase, the show struggled to appeal to larger audiences. The ABC drama from David E. Kelly (Big Little Lies) follows two private detectives, Jenny and Cassie, as they try and hunt down three missing women who vanished from their area.

Winnick stars alongside Kylie Bunbury and Ryan Phillippe. Big Sky also features a strong supporting cast. One actress, Brooke Smith, even started her own Emmy campaign.

Big Sky made a fair dent in the ratings but performed worse in the ratings toward the end of the season. Thankfully, it brought in enough traction for ABC to renew the show for a second season. After some concerns with its mid and late-season performance, the show got huge ratings boost for its season finale, which left fans on a massive cliffhanger.

Big Sky will also get a new timeslot next season. The show will be moving from Tuesday nights to Thursdays after the very highly rated Grey’s Anatomy. This isn’t necessarily a bad sign for the show. It’s clear that the network wants to move it to a place where there’ll be high viewership on the network before the show even starts.

Will Katheryn Winnick Return Next Season?

The season finale of Big Sky ended with Katheryn Winnick’s character, Jenny, barely clinging to life after getting shot. The finale finds her bleeding out, and while it’s hard to believe they’d kill off a main character so quickly, they did it before. And according to executive producer Elwood Reid, they may do it again.

“It’s pretty bad for [Jenny]. And it’s also pretty bad for Cassie because she’s chasing after some pretty bad guys,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

“Both women are in jeopardy. Nobody’s off limits; everybody’s fair game. We’re going to go that way right to the end of the show — ride or die with that ethos,” he said.

Hopefully, Jenny will be safe and Katheryn Winnick will return to Big Sky. However, fans will have to wait for the season premiere this fall to find out for sure.