‘Big Sky’ Star Katheryn Winnick Opens Up About Cassie’s Obsession to Catch Ronald

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Chance Yeh/FilmMagic)

Much of the hit ABC series Big Sky centers around the criminal behavior of one character, Ronald. Of course, the Big Sky detectives certainly address a multitude of mysteries outside of the multiple cases of human trafficking, kidnapping, and murder in which Ronald is wrapped up. However, his actions continue to have lasting effects on other cases the Big Sky detectives investigate each week.

And as the second season of the popular ABC drama premiered this fall, both Big Sky detectives, Jenny Hoyt and Cassie Dewell, have made it their mission to track the deadly criminal down.

However, it seems one of the Big Sky detectives is a little more focused on catching this particular bad guy. This is while her partner finds her focus to be more on the agency’s newest cases.

“Cassie has a personal drive and is obsessed with Ronald’s case,” notes Big Sky actress, Katheryn Winnick. “Jenny wants to focus on other cases.”

Winnick, who portrays Big Sky detective Jenny Hoyt went on to note that Jenny isn’t giving up on her hunt to capture Ronald. However, she is also careful to spend her energy on other cases and mysteries that would demand her attention.

This, of course, is the opposite of Jenny’s Big Sky partner, Cassie Dewell’s goal this season.

‘Big Sky’ Detectives Focus On a Number of Mysteries

Dewell, who is portrayed by Kylie Dunbury, has been focusing more on tracking the elusive criminal down. Cassie is hoping to finally finish the heartbreaking mystery the partners worked tirelessly to solve during Big Sky’s first season.

“Yes of course she also wants to solve Ronald,” Winnick says of Jenny’s outlook regarding capturing the criminal.

“But she doesn’t want to spend all her energy when there are people that are dying,” the actress explains. “People are going missing.”

Getting To The Root Of The Cases

Winnick adds that for Jenny, the big picture is more important than tracking down Ronald. A criminal who seems to have all but disappeared, at least according to the information, the Big Sky detectives are currently working with.

“She needs to get to the root of that first,” Winnick says of the cases Jenny Hoyt is choosing to focus on this season.

“It’s more time-sensitive, and Ronald, there hasn’t been a single major trace of him,” the actress adds. “She’s keeping her eye on the prize with this one.”

As the Big Sky second season premiered this fall, fans were uncertain of Jenny Hoyt’s fate.

The Big Sky detective was shot directly in the case while tracking down Ronald who managed to escape in the confrontation.

Furthermore, Winnick’s Jenny Hoyt hardly had any time to mourn the murder of her husband, Cody (Ryan Phillipe) by the man Ronald was helping in the human trafficking ring.

But, Winnick has noted, this season will bring a new dimension to Jenny Hoyt.

Namely, the detective finally begins to deal with everything that happened last season while simultaneously continuing on solving some intriguing cases. “It is Jenny 2.0,” Winnick says of Jenny Hoyt this season. “So she’s looking at life a little differently.”