‘Big Sky’ Star Katheryn Winnick Reunites With ‘Childhood Scout Group’ in Sweet Photos

by Keeli Parkey

“Big Sky” star Katheryn Winnick took a very sweet walk down memory lane when she reunited with a group that meant a lot to her during her childhood.

On Sunday, Aug. 29, the 43-year-old actress shared several photos of her and some very excited scouts and their leaders enjoying a special visit. She posted the photos from Kyiv, Ukraine.

“So amazing to reunite with my Ukrainian childhood scout group, PLAST. Thank you for such a warm welcome!” Katheryn Winnick said in her Instagram caption.

The Family of ‘Big Sky’ Star Katheryn Winnick Comes from Ukraine

Some of you might be asking yourselves why the actress would be celebrating a Ukrainian scout group when she was born in Canada. Well, according to IMDb, Katheryn Winnick’s family actually hails from Ukraine.

Her parents are Roman and Lesya Winnicki. (The actress and her siblings decided not to use the “i” at the end of their family’s last name. Also, that name means “‘winemaker.”) Roman’s family came from Boryslav and Staryi Sambir in Ukraine. Lesya’s family came from Galicia. Her mother’s mother came from Lviv Oblast. Her mother’s father came from Ternopil Oblast. At the time the country was known as the Soviet Socialist Republic of Ukraine.

Roman and Lesya’s families traveled to West Germany to be free of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic’s Government. It was there that Katheryn Winnick’s parents were born. During childhood, her parents moved to Canada. Later on, Winnick’s mother became the vice president of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress.

Katheryn Winnick was born in Toronto, Canada, on Dec. 17, 1977. English is not her native language. In fact, it was only when she was 8 years old that she started speaking the language. She also speaks Ukrainian, French, Italian, and Russian.

Plast Celebrates Visit from the ‘Big Sky’ Star

The scouting organization Plast also shared photos of Winnick smiling alongside the scouts on social media.

“Ukrainian scouts met with a Hollywood actress of Ukrainian descent @KatherynWinnick. Katheryn was born into a Ukrainian family in Canada and is a Plast member since childhood. That’s why we can say we talked to a friend, who made finally her dream to visit Ukraine come true,” the organization shared on Twitter.

According to its website, Plast is an organization that works to develop its scouts in a Christian framework.

“The foundations of Plast, outlined by its founder Dr. Oleksander Tysovskyj and expanded during Plast’s early development, are built on a Christian worldview and the idea of loyalty to the Ukrainian nation and its ideal of nationhood. They are briefly expressed in the Three Principal Obligations of the Plast Scout …”

These three obligations are faithfulness to God and Ukraine, helping others, and living by the Plast Code and following Plast leadership.