‘Big Sky’ Star Katheryn Winnick Reveals Favorite Storyline of Season 2

by Madison Miller

The popular ABC drama “Big Sky” is currently a handful of episodes into the new second season. As always, the series balances a precarious number of different storylines that all bleed together at times.

From Ronald Pergman and his girlfriend being trapped with Rick Legarski’s far-hipper brother to the teens caught up in the drug business to Jenny getting a new lover, there’s no shortage of plot points for fans to keep up with.

Things have stayed pretty interesting for Jenny Hoyt, in particular, this season. We left off with her getting shot and almost dying during the season one finale. As they were transporting Ronald Pergman, a mysterious group helped violently break him free.

After that, she channeled a phoenix-like rebirth. She decided to get her badge again to work in law enforcement. That meant leaving the crew at Dewell & Hoyt Private Investigations. Since getting the badge, Jenny has also reunited with an old friend, now lover, Travis. He works as an undercover cop also exploring the same case.

Katheryn Winnick Talks ‘Big Sky’ Storylines

Out of all the scenes from this season of “Big Sky,” Katheryn Winnick, who plays Jenny, is siding with romance.

“I don’t know if I’d say a scene, but right now I’m discovering Jenny’s relationship with Travis is new and fresh and fun. We just did four scenes back to back yesterday, so I think that relationship has a lot of room to grow. I also really want to explore that Jenny understands the undercover world. I’m enjoying the show going in this direction, and getting time to sit with them and see Jenny in her real life and not just on the run all the time,” Winnick said during a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly.

In many ways, we’re getting a more personal look at Jenny outside of just desperately running around, solving crimes, and sometimes getting shot. Her relationship with Travis could also end tragic and likely may remind her of everything that happened with her Cody. For reference, Cody was her husband who got shot by Rick Legarski during the first episode of season one.

Winnick called Travis and Jenny’s relationship a “working relationship with benefits.” She said that although she doesn’t think Jenny is in love right now, it’s unclear what the future could hold for the two of them. With “Big Sky” being full of shocking deaths, there may be a dark turn as well.

Jenny Hoyt Risks it All

Even though betrayal, death, and love are at risk, it’s nice to see Jenny enjoying life again. Seeing as she was in the pit of despair before.

“She just wants to be really good at her job, and she’s enjoying the relationship that she has with Travis. She’s enjoying the chemistry. I don’t think she’s thinking too much at this point of where it’s going to go. She’s allowed to have fun,” Winnick also told the news outlet.

Between the unpredictable Ronald Pergman, crooked cops, a dangerous drug business, and other crime, there’s no telling how season two will carry on.